Feeling Crafty? Find Everything You Need And More At Art Lounge In Churchgate

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What Makes It Awesome

Art Lounge is a stationery hoarder and an art lover's paradise standing proudly next to the Ritz Hotel in Churchgate. The store is one-stop all for everything you need, from watercolours to pastels to pencils, and brushes in all sizes and types. Rows stacked with colourful stationery items, one can easily spend a lazy hour or two here.

Art Lounge has a fantastic collection of soft pastels, charcoal pencils, watercolours {including their mission gold, and silver collection}, all sorts of art paper {think of a texture, and they have it here}, to our favourite, blow pens. Yep, reviving childhood memories is a regular fixture at this store. They also have marble ink, spray paints and oil paint from all brands, internationals and local. If this excites you, we also spotted Canson Mi Tense paper here in all sizes.

What's My Pro Tip?

Art Lounge has its annual grand sale, and you can get your hands on all things necessary {and not so necessary} for half of their prices. They have one going on right now as well.

Anything Else?

From adult colouring books to plain canvases to stencils, they stock it all. What's more, the staff is extremely friendly and doesn't bother you whilst you're browsing your creative groceries here. A regular charcoal pencil will cost you INR 120, and a pack of standard watercolor for INR 180.

Also, they have an online store which sells most of their stuff.

{Photos Courtesy: Art Lounge via Facebook}