Bhavika posted on 12th February

Date Night? Here's How You Can Conquer Mumbai's Fanciest Eateries Under INR 3,000

Ten Second Takeaway

We love some of Mumbai fine dining restaurants, read of them constantly and have them on our bucket list. While they all seem highly out of reach, it is possible to visit them and have a good meal, on a budget. Choose wisely and follow our guide to having a fabulous time without selling your soul. Clink!


Bastian, Chef Kelvin Cheung’s baby comes under Mumbai’s best seafood joints, and rightly so. Celebrities flit in and out of the joint, and you can go on a hogger’s date here too, without giving up your life savings and proceeding to run to the hills.

We suggest you order starters from the charred menu, the baby potatoes with kimchi butter {INR 150} and bbq chicken {INR 500} are particularly delicious. You can go for a delicious portion of animal prawns {INR 750} and lastly, take up their well-known Bastian seafood market – choose their prawns and sauce it with a delicious Malaysian sambal-style with sweet and sour sambal {home-made}, chili and spicy roasted tomato sauce {it is one of Chef Cheung’s favourites too}.

A nice tikki cocktail {for INR 400 each} can be had too, and the meal should be wrapped up in INR 3,000, give or take 500 bucks {mostly take}.


Have you wanted a date at Hakkasan but have stayed away for fear of overspending? Here’s some happy news for you. You can wrap up a lunch ‘do with your date with their signature lunch menus of INR 1,200 per person.

From a list of choices that they give, you can choose one soup, two small bites {options include prawn and chive dumpling, edameme truffle dumpling and crispy duck roll, among more}.Then, you may choose one main course {check menu here for list}, one rice/noodle to go with and one dessert. And at then this once over, as remember, all this is just for one person at a table at this fine dine restaurant. This lunch is from Monday–Saturday, noon–4pm.

Masala Library

Jiggs Kalra’s Masala Library is a food-loving duo’s dream meal. Although you cannot go full out here on a budget, there’s nothing stopping you from a fun meal where you try a few of the best dishes. From the starters, go for either a delicious vada pav inside out {INR 460} or a piri piri chicken tikka {INR 645}.

You can each try a delicious main course {with options such as stir fried baby brinjal, rasam curry, hand spun murukku, dhokla lasagna with palak goat cheese bhurjee} or pan seared rawas, crab and spinach poriyal along with their breads.

The Table

The Table in SoBo is one of the finest meals in Mumbai, that you will certainly love. If you go for a brunch here, you could have a brilliant time, enjoy the food and the ambience and go back with your wallet unhurt. We’d pick their pulled pork benedict, scrumptious tiramisu pancakes and truffle fries on the side. Add to that, a couple of beers of your choice and that makes it a filling brunch at this establishment.


Indigo in Colaba is housed in a beautiful pink bungalow adorned with string lights and a massive tree. It is from the inside just as beautiful as from the outside. The food there is fine dining Italian, and a meal there requires some planning and a big budget. You can, however, choose to go there for a meal + dessert for two. From their dinner menu, we suggest you skip straight to the second course, where a dish is for one person each.

Vegetarians can choose a filling mac n cheese lasagna, or a roasted garlic linguini with spinach pesto {a dish for iNR 885}. Non vegetarians, their roasted red snapper or the beef tenderloin is exquisite and is a good option to choose from. Lastly, the two must dig on their guava bavarois, with strawberry sorbet, figs and lemon pepper meringue. If you choose their lunch menu instead, you will even be even to choose half plates for many dishes.