Puran Poli Or Elaichi Chai Ice Cream? Try Em Both At This Dessert Parlour

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A dessert parlour in Mahim is making its way to our list of places to must go to try out unusual food. We tell you why you should visit Fill In The Blank.

Chow Down

Fill In The Blank is located in Keshav Bhavan in Mahim and has ice cream flavours that’ll make you believe in the possibilities of life. Heard of puran poli ice cream? They have it here. Priced at INR 75 a scoop, it makes you look at the beloved Maharashtrian sweet in a different way.

There’s also adrak elaichi chai ice cream {INR 70} and black sesame ice cream, waiting to be devoured. The menu has freakshakes too, in case your sugar rush needs a bigger kick. They also deliver, so you better keep that menu handy.

So, We're Saying...

Ice cream makes our world go round. Especially when there’s a great movie on TV and we’re curled up in bed. If you feel the same, order away!