Fill Your Heart With Colourful Food & Generous Portions From Mannrangi!

    Goregaon West, Mumbai

    Mannrangi: On a laid-back lazy weekend, ordered some appetizing dishes from Mannrangi from the comfort of my home.


    It arrived perfectly packed in spill-proof containers and enough portion size.


    Cheese Chilli Kulcha: These aren't Kulcha.. they are melt-in-the-mouth cheese bombs. So good, you just can't stop.


    Sabz Makhanwala Mixed veg sabzi in red tomato-based gravy with a tinge of sweetness. If you like a combo of sweet and spicy, give it a go.

    Nizami Tarkari Biryani: Aromatic biryani packed with veggies and whole masalas. It came alongside some raita, papad and sliced onions and was very filling.

    Nutshell Review: Fill your heart with colourful food & generous portions from Mannrangi! 🥰

      Goregaon West, Mumbai