Throw An Epic House Party At This Lonavala Bungalow For INR 1,250 Per Person

Gorgeous Bungalow - Lonavala


You know all those plans of throwing a house party in Lonavala that almost never materialise? Yeah, let’s not have that happen again. We found a rather beautiful, very big bungalow in Lonavala that is just the place for a big gathering to throw a party.

What Makes It Awesome

It’s a huge bungalow with a pretty lawn {and a swing, also a bonus}. It can accommodate about 12 people on paper – and has about 2 rooms and a living room with couches that you could potentially crash on {you know it’s gonna happen}.

Unlike many properties, this one does allow throwing parties, and having alcohol so that certainly makes life easier.

You have to make a road trip from Mumbai to Lonavala, and drive just a little further ahead in Malwali. After you book the space, the owner of the place can help in directing you.


The cost per head is INR 1,250. If you are 12 people, then the total is INR 15,024 and when divided comes down to INR 1,250. If the number of people is lower, then the cost per head will increase.

You can instantly book the bungalow from this Airbnb property right here. Now just gather around your friends and make the trip happen.

Gorgeous Bungalow - Lonavala