Experience Fine Dine Lebanese Cuisine In Vile Parle

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mabruk in formal Arabic means congratulations. The truly blissful place located in so beautiful Sahara star hotel, Vile Parle. Mabruk has perfect Lebanese Mediterranean cuisine with that touch and flavours from Lebanon and other middle east countries.

love with that beautiful ambience. A comfortable seating area, candlelight place with soothing slow music sung by the singer. That was just amazing. Some Shayaris and gazal with good food is all we want.

So the food menu is created by chef jehad al Shami, he is a chef from Lebanon , from where this cuisine belongs. Every dish has perfect taste and flavours and every single detail by chef given are just outstanding.

Coming to the food we had,
some beverages to get yourself refreshed,

1) Lebanese tea:
it was a classic and refreshing Lebanese tea prepared with green tea, and fresh mint leaves. Spicy and minty flavours were just perfect to start your meal.

2) kosha:
some sweet beverage to try. Blend of apricots, orange juice and mango pulp. The sweetness of mango and tangy flavours of orange is rightly mixed.

Food menu :
1) cold mezze platter :
mezze platter served with 5 types of dips and some pita bread, side pickles.

Hummus: Chickpea Hummus. Just the classic chickpea puree with some garlic, lemon juice taste. Delicious and personal favourite simple yet classy.

spicy pepper dip, tangy tomato and some crushed walnut, garlic in olive oil. Spicy flavours of pepper and sweetness of walnut are perfect in this dip. Truly delicious.

Baba ganoush:
baba ganoush is eggplant mashed and seasoned. It had very strong flavours of eggplant. Such an amazing one to have with those pita bread.

fresh veggies salad i.e.Tomato, onions, cucumbers tossed in olive oil and lemon juice.

labneh batoum:
super tangy in flavours. It was thick textured yoghurt or sour cream which had rich sour flavours in it. Topped with olive.

So cold mezze platter was just perfect one and truly authentic Lebanese flavours.

2) Hot mezze platter :
it was deep fried chickpea ball which had good taste and made with parsley coriander mix. Crispy ball served with various dip.

Sambousek :
deep fried dish stuffed with feta cheese. Just like our Indian samosa. Tasted delicious. Stuffings of cheese was just done right.

Flatbread in round shaped topped with cheese, capsicum and onions.Delicious and good in taste. Lebanese style bread. Zatar topped with thyme and olive oil.

So chef recommendation:
1) Tagine Khodar:
Traditional Moroccan dish basically a vegetable stew served with couscous i.e. Crushed wheat semolina. Topped with peanuts and almonds. Happened to be sweet and tangy in taste. A good one to have.

Most famous middle eastern desserts,
Baklava: delicious creamy pistachio pastry stuffed in with some nuts, cream and sweetener. Just too drooling and scrumptious.

Overall Mabruk is a beautiful place to have some romantic dinner with good food music and that lovely ambience. Cheers.

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