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This Pretty Fine Dining Restaurant Serves Great Food & Cocktails

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What Makes It Awesome?

Well the name itself exudes a classy appeal. You are expected to feel the magnificence, thanks to great décor by designer Rocky S. The interiors scream sheer luxury. Out here, another interesting thing you’d notice is their menu where cocktails are numbered from 1 to 31 each distinct from another whereas, the food menu is curated with city names across the world which again is very well-curated. I was attended by John who was super courteous and talented. He suggested us some good food and drinks to make our experience a perfect one.

We started off with cocktails, I tried No. 8 (Rating 5/5) which was served in a tall glass and consisted fresh pomelo juice, vodka, Kahlua, and it was topped with bubbled clove soda and blackcurrant jam to accentuate the taste. And No. 13 (Rating 5/5) had Ballantine's whiskey with coffee liqueur Kahlua, with smoked hickory wood which made a perfect whiskey companion for me. It's a must-try.

Later I ordered No. 7 (Rating 4/5) which I thought would be one of the best (based on what I was told), but it didn't meet the expectations as the berries were slightly overpowering the entire drink. Oh, and No.11 (Rating 5/5) could be a little overpowering with the cardamom flavour, so keep that in mind, however, the absinthe which consisted of mere 15 ml kicked it off well with lemon juice and egg white.

Coming to food, I tried Dubai (Rating 5/5), and I have to say the hummus had almost perfect consistency and was a great way to start our meal which was accompanied with pita bread and wafer-thin lavaash. The Istanbul (Rating 5/5) made me crave for more as the lamb kebabs were super soft and the mince was well-marinaded with spices, and The Cannes (Rating 4/5) had mushroom tarts in spicy béarnaise sauce minus the egg though.

Lastly, we tried Marrakech (Rating 5/5) which was the star dish that evening, and its carrot and sherry puree was something that you’d likely lick off the plate, however, the key component of the dish - peppered chicken legs were full of flavours and moist. The Sorrento with chicken (Rating 5/5) which was one of the best risottos I have tried in recent time. So don't forget to try it.

For desserts, we called for The Peru (Rating 5/5) which consisted of hazelnut mousse spread across the plate topped with butter cookies and accompanied by smoked marshmallows and hot Belgian chocolate to dip into, and a dark chocolate bar.

So if you are looking for a quiet formal dinner and great cocktails, then this fine-dining restaurant is the ideal place.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

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