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Swipe Right: 20 Best Spots For The Perfect First Date In Mumbai

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First dates are necessary, but they can be nerve-wrecking. There's a lot of excitement but also faint nervousness. That's why we've rounded up the perfect date spots in Mumbai as per preferences. Find a shared love for something on this list, and head to that restaurant, cafe, or bar for a meal and some drinks. 

The Nutcracker: For Couples Who Are Early Birds

If you are a morning person and prefer breakfast dates, we have something perfect lined up for you. The Nutcracker is a legendary breakfast eatery that is perfect for a first date. Go for their Turkish eggs, eggs akuri, pancakes and dark chocolate waffles. Couple these dishes with their mint cooler and you will be sorted. It’s the perfect place for good food and conversation. Read more about it here.

Meal for Two: INR 800

Prithvi Café: For Those Who Prefer Iconic Joints

For all the culture vultures, there cannot be a better spot for the first date. We would recommend that you start your date by witnessing one of the fantastic plays that are staged in Prithvi Theatre and head to Prithvi Cafe for the dinner after the sunset. The whole setting is tucked in an earthy corner surrounded by plants and decorated with fairy lights (already feeling romantic). Order their Irish coffee and keema pav. That never ceases to amaze us! Also, their Sulemani Chai is very popular. The café is often frequented by celebrities so if you get lucky, you might run into some actors. Now, won’t that make for a fantastic first date story?

Meal for Two: INR 350

Mirchi & Mime: For Those Who Can Speak In Signs

Perhaps Mumbai's only restaurant that encourages the use of sign language, Mirchi & Mime in Powai is not simply known to be a sign-forward restaurant but it offers some of the best North Indian food too. The menu has signs that you can use to place your order, as the staff here is hearing-impaired. You may think it hampers service, but it's actually quite swift and easy. 

The restaurant offers a cozy vibe, ample booth seating and becomes quite romantic with its moody lighting and proximity to Powai Lake (where you can take a walk after your meal), especially in the monsoons. You must order the Kaffir Rasam, Fish Nihari, Mushroom Galouti, Fennel Rawas Tikka, Puneri Bharli Vangi, Goa Green Chicken, among others. They also have a bar that has a note-worthy collection of whiskeys and a quality selection of mostly Indian wines as well. 

Meal For Two: INR 1,800

Loci & Toot: To Wine & Dine

Bandra’s latest European cafe and wine bar, claims to be chef-driven and ingredient forward. Offering a Mediterranean and Italian focused menu, Loci & Toot’s interiors are also noteworthy. With mahogany chairs, bougainvillaea and a vibrant ambience, this space is going to put you and your date in a livelier mood. Share a Wild Mushroom flatbread, dig into the Spicy Parma Chicken and don’t forget to order the Blackberry Vegan Cheesecake. While they offer wine here, you can also sip on interesting cocktails like their espresso martini named Toot or a Pesto Margherita.

Meal for Two: INR 1,000

Bambai Nazariya: For Those Who Are Proud Or An Ally

Whether your nazariya is Bambaiyya or you and your date simply want to celebrate your pride, no matter what the month. Head to Bambai Nazariya in Versova, a small cafe that's offering a safe space that's inclusive. The staff is from the transgender community, and the cafe is made up in quirky quotes, vibrant upholstery and offers simple cafe fare (mostly bakes) and chai.

It's the ideal set up for that first nervous chai/coffee date, and the two if you can munch down on Custard Cream Roll, Chicken Ham & Cheese Croissant, Curried Corn & Grilled Green Apple Quiche among other items. The big plus? Prices here are very reasonable. To drink, there's chai, coffee, a black/green tea variety, and a few coolers. 

Meal For Two: INR 400

Read more about the cafe here.

Bayview Cafe: For Those Who Love Mumbai's Iconic Sea Views

A legendary sea-facing rooftop in Colaba, which was once frequented for cheap beet and bites; Bayview Cafe has upgraded itself in the last couple of years. The ambience is spruced up but the open air and the gorgeous view of the sea atop Hotel Harbour View remain. The restaurant’s menu may seem hotchpotched, but you must grab Carrot and Cheese Croquettes , Chicken Cheese Croquette, Chutney Sandwich, Paneer Butter Masala, Stuffed Mushrooms and other North Indian mains here. Order your preferred beer, wine or spirit and enjoy the view with your date. 

Meal for Two: INR 1,200

Bayroute: For Those Who Love A Royal Feast

If Dubai was your dream destination, belly dancers your fantasy, flying in hot air balloons your recurring dream, and hummus your bae, you must visit Bayroute in Cuffe Parade. With its exotic cuisines from Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon and Greece and gorgeous rustic interiors and ceilings, Bayroute nails it when it comes to both, ambience and food. Read more about it here.

Meal for Two: INR 3,000

The Backyard Brew: For Those Who Prefer To Eat Healthy-ish

A new entrant in Versova, The Backyard Brew with its gorgeous patio is a hot spot for a first date. The space is full of greens and has Edison bulbs on strings, bringing the place alive after sunset. Sample healthy-ish eats here that you and your date can share without ditching your diets. Take a bite of the Lettuce Wraps with Crispy Fish and a Peanut Sauce, share a grilled shrimp Po Boy or keep things light with a Buddha Bowl. You can sip on cold-pressed juices, coffees and smoothies here. 

Meal for Two: INR 1,200

Toco: For A Great Happy Hour

Need a drink or three to calm those first date nerves? Get to know your date at Toco in Andheri Lokhandwala; their Happy Hours start at 12pm and end at 7pm. Get 2+1 offers on draught beer and spirits and let some talk with the date pour. You're going to need to pace yourself with some food, and Toco offers South Indian and Italian bites. A weird combination of cuisines, but we are not complaining as the menu features: Banana Pepper Fry, Cajun Potatoes, Bruschetta, Chicken Tellicherry Fry, Cajun Creole Pizza and more. 

Meal for Two: INR 1,200

Coconuts Lagoon: For The Love Of Seafood

The restaurant is practically designed for couples, owing to the multiple two-seater tables the space is lined with. But, if you and your date live in Thane or wouldn’t mind the trip to the neighbourhood for great food, this is the spot for you. Offering Manglorean and Malwani cuisines, along with a few North Indian dishes, you must dig into Coconut Lagoon’s seafood. Get your preferred fish prepared as a fry, rawa-fried or tandoori. For mains, opt for a Curry, Malwani, Gassi, Pullimunchi or Sukka variant. You can wipe your plate clean with Neer Dosa, Appam, Wade, Kori Roti or Bhakri here. 

Meal for Two: INR 900 

Plate & Pint: For A Fancy Meal On A Budget

A popular fine-dine amongst the SoBo folks, Plate & Pint is a busy fine-dine in Kemps Corner. A budget-friendly restaurant, this place is always buzzing with folks at any point of the day. From yummy Italian delicacies to fast food options like burgers, Plate & Pint is a cutesy place for your first date. Monochrome tiling, lots of greens and an in-house bakery - it's hella grammable too!

Meal for Two: INR 1,200

MRP - My Regular Place: To Play A Game

First date nerves can be weird. If you want to shed that awkwardness, Dadar’s MRP is a gaming bar where you can spend time over a game of Jenga or Beer Pong. While there are several other games here too, the other benefit here is that the Happy Hours (5pm to 8pm) offer drinks on MRP. Gorge on Red Pepper Paneer, Kung Pao Vegetables, Drunken Chicken, Reshmi Chicken Tikka, Paprika Paneer, Butter Chicken Bao and other such Asian, Indian and Continental offerings that are a hotchpotch. The bar also has Bollywood Nights, if you and your date want to shake a leg.

Meal for Two: INR 1,500

Stacks and Racks: For A Shared Love Of Burgers

While this Malad eatery may not be big on ambience, it surely dishes out some of the choicest burgers and pork ribs in the city. So, how could you not take your date here if you two love a big messy burger? Well, first, do ensure you’re comfortable getting your hands and face messy on a first date because the burgers are worth getting stuffed on. Choose from The Sloppy Joe Burger, The Caribbean, The Belly Dancer or The Magic Mushroom. And get the Bacon & Cheddar Cheese Poutine or Southern Fried Crunchy Paneer on the side. It’s also a great spot for steaks and ribs. 

Meal for Two: INR 1,000

Wakai: To Explore Mumbai's First Sushi Bar

Featuring Mumbai's first-ever live sushi bar, Wakai offers contemporary Asian cuisine and a great curation of Japanese delicacies. If your date loves sushi, this is the place to make a reservation at. Artsy Japanese murals and graphics, luxury dining area, a LIT space for a nightlife experience and boozy cocktails - this place is ideal for brunch and fancy dinners. Read more about it here!  

Meal for Two: INR 2,500

Cat Café Studio: For Our Animal Loving Couples

If you are looking for a casual date and love animals, we have just the right spot. Our beloved Cat Café Studio in Versova is a feline lover’s heaven. Did you know they serve homemade baked goodies and delicious bagels? It has a very chill vibe to it doubled with the fact that their resident cats are often found hanging out on the floor. Read more about it here.

Meal for Two: INR 300

The Gratitude House: For Those Who Love Plant-Based Food

Located in Bandra, The Gratitude House is worth visiting for many reasons. While the cafe believes in creating a sense of community by hosting gatherings and events, it's also a serene place for a date. Their menu features vegan and gluten-free options and is entirely plant-based. But the main feature of the cafe is that you can pay what you like. 

Try the Uttar Pradesh-style of Poha here, they also offer a great Kimchi Pancake, if you're big on eating Korean now. And, don't forget to share the Tokai Coffee & Pineapple chocolate with your date. 

Meal For Two: Pay what you like

Em's Cafe: For Those Who Love Trying Trends

Seen several Instagram reels on Coffee In A Cone? Try one at Em's Cafe in Bandra. The new cafe may be small, but it's a cute space with a few tables and is THE spot in Mumbai for a Coffee In A Cone. While the menu also features other beverages, sandwiches and bagels, you and your date can try this hot new trend of drinking coffee and click photos for the gram too. 

You must also try their Mediterranean Feta Toast, Korean Chicken or Lox Bagel, and share some desserts because the cafe is big on it. You can get your hands on a Tiramisu Éclair, Lotus Biscoff Cheesecake, or their Dark Chocolate Cake, which is vegan and gluten and sugar free. 

Meal For Two: INR 800

Sun & Moon: For The Love Of K-Drama, K-Pop & K-Food

Run by a Korean expat, Sun & Moon in Worli is an ideal place if you two are K-Drama or K-Pop fans and want to hop onto the Korean food trend. The restaurant features several posters of BTS, and while the rest of the ambience may not seem too "romantic", the quiet restaurant still serves as an ideal space to explore a cuisine you love. You can start off with Korean banchan (complimentary sides) and even order some Soju here. Some Korean dishes that you must-try include Tteokbokki, Cup Noodles, Kimchi Soup, Bulgogi, and Ramyun. 

Meal For Two: INR 2,000

Keiba: To Dine Under The Stars

If you are looking for a space that will stand out in the Mumbai landscape and will provide memorable experiences every single time, then Keiba in Mahalakshmi Race Course should be your go-to spot. With the equal emphasis being put on both food and drinks, Keiba is the place you can come to for a delicious, authentic meal followed by a night at the high-energy bar. Also, the cherry blossom murals on their walls are too pretty! Read more about it here.

Meal for Two: INR 2,000

Estella: To Witness A Pretty Sunset

Nothing better than enjoying the sunset over the sea on the first date! Estella will make you fall in love with its food, the delicious cocktails and most of all, the amazing view of Juhu beach that it affords. It is a lounge that screams date night. With seating areas within as well as chairs on an open deck looking out to the best view of the Mumbai sunset (and an island bar connecting them both), this is the place to go for a quiet date night. Read more about it here.

Meal for Two: INR 2,500