Fish Supper, Dear? Get Ready To Unite Over Fish & Chips, Tuna Pizza & More At This New Eatery

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The Bombay Fish & Chips Company demands you to throw in the towel when it comes to your diet. We explore why you should oblige.

Chow Down

The Bombay Fish & Chips Company calls Chembur its home. Bringing the British dish to Chembur, it nails down the delicacy quite well. Priced a little towards the affordable scale, you can get fish and chips Brit-style {INR 250}, tuna pizza {INR 450} and BBQ chicken wings {INR 190} and a lot more from their menu.

Apart from serving a fantastic menu, they are soon going to be retailing fresh fish too, sourced directly from their farms. Mangesh Pawar, founder, wants to experiment with a new model. They will start retailing January onward.

So, We're Saying...

Lovers of seafood can now call another place their home. The Bombay Fish & Chips Company has our vote!