Ten-Second Takeaway

We found the ultimate cure for a healthy eater’s sweet cravings: the healthy desserts you can get at Fitness Cafe in Pali at Bandra.

What Is It?

If you’re laughing at the irony, stop it. Healthy desserts exist and they will come to you if you order from this bakery we found at Pali Naka. Fitness Cafe, a home bakery venture run by Radhieka Pandeya caters to those people who like to stick to their fitness regime but care less about giving up desserts. When we spoke to her, Radhieka laid emphasis on the use of ‘good’ fat instead of going completely fat-free. The concept is green-free where they use paleo and avoid gluten and grains. The idea is to cut down on carbs but provide protein-rich food.

So, you’ll find her using almond milk, coconut milk, flax seeds and coconut flour among other healthy alternatives for her desserts.

Chow Down

Photo source: Fitness Cafe

Photo: Parikshit Rao/LBB

Fitness Cafe lets you order cakes, cupcakes, peanut butter muffins and chocolate cookies. While the cakes are priced at INR 2,600, the cupcakes are for INR 750 for six, cookies are for INR 500 for six, and muffins are for INR 600 for six. They also use fresh fruits along with coconut cream, honey, coconut sugar and jaggery. For cookies, they often uses almond butter and ghee {yes!}.

So, We’re Saying…

Got no time for carbs? Call up Fitness Cafe. They only do pick-ups at the moment and deliver only in Bandra as of now.

 Featured photo source: Fitness Cafe