Ten-Second Takeaway

Joost Juice Bar in Versova makes the most innovative yet delicious health juices for anyone and everyone {we’re especially looking at you fitness freaks}.

Juice Like That

We’re only in the second month of 2017 but we can safely say that this time, we’re super serious about our fitness goals and we’re even working towards achieving them. And to make our journey smooth, Joost Juice Bar has entered the picture with an array of healthy juices – calorie counted and everything. This is a juice bar with an amazing concept of having all sorts or healthy juices which are available to kids, adults, fitness freaks, and pretty much everyone.

Choose from popular juices such as ‘all berry bang’, ‘green tea mango mantra’, ‘blueberry blast’ and so on. or opt for their amazing yet delicious cold pressed juices, calorie counted juices or just create your own juice {yes, they let you do that too}. If you want something heavier, you could also choose from their various protein and energy shakes. The best part {apart from the superb health benefits you get from these juices} is that they’re also pocket-friendly. The staff here is very co-operative too. The juices start at INR 180.

So, We’re Saying…

We love everything about Joost Juice Bar and we’re sure so will you.