Zumba, Yoga, MMA And More: Five Fitness Studios To Hit Up In Borivali

Jayati posted on 28 October

Ten-Second Takeaway

Even though travelling long distances within the city is an acceptable norm in Mumbai – we think signing up for classes closer to home is an ideal win-win deal. You can either head to your fitness early morning or go for one post-work and then go home and crash {begin your prep by buying gym clothes here}. No one said it was easy – and so we have rounded up five fitness studios that you can hit up in Borivali. Stretch, plie and go!

Pride Power Yoga And Aerobics

Pride Power Yoga and Aerobics. off Link road in Borivali West. is perfect for anyone looking for fitness classes to join. They offer aerobics, zumba and power yoga classes. You can sign up for one or as many of these classes as you want.

The classes are scheduled for mornings and evenings – something that can fit every person’s schedule. Here the trainers are really friendly and will especially work with you and train you. The studio in itself is designed in such a way that one can relax and enjoy the the fitness sessions – just like you would at home.

Price: Yoga {INR 100 for a session, INR 499 for one month}, zumba {INR 100 for a single session, INR 1,000 for one month}, power yoga {INR 100 for a single session, INR 499 for one month}, power yoga and aerobics combo {INR 2,400 for three months}

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Yoga Studios

Shop-14, Building-7, Gobind Chhaya CHS, Prem Nagar, Borivali, Mumbai

Your Fitness Club

Looking to join a gym nearby? Your Fitness Club is for you then. They offer gym sessions with cardio in addition top opting for an option of having a personal trainer. It has locker and shower facilities – so you can easily slip in and slip out of your work clothes to workout clothes or vice versa.

#LBBTip: Make sure to go on unpopular times to make sure the equipment is free for you to workout on.

Price: INR 733 per session, INR 2,599 for one month {12 sessions}

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New Link Road, Shimpoli, Borivali West, Mumbai

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LCD Lifestyle Fitness

LCD Lifestyle Fitness studio has been operational for the past seven years, and offers a variety of classes one can sign up on. They offer zumba, yoga and power yoga, aerobics and even dance classes like salsa and Bollywood hip hop – something for everyone.

It’s open on all days including Sundays, so what’s your excuse now?

Price: Zumba {INR 500 per session, INR 2,500 for one month and INR 7,000 for three months}, power yoga {INR INR 500 per session, INR 1,300 for one month}, aerobics {INR 500 per session, INR 1,300 for one month}, kick boxing plus Swiss ball {INR 500 per session and INR 2,000 for one month}

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Shop 3 & 4, Brindavan Apartment, Junction Off Link Road & Yogi Nagar Road, Borivali West, Mumbai

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Yoga Hut

Yoga Hut is for anyone who loves yoga and wants to join a place that provides a holistic surrounding for it. Apart from yoga sessions and power yoga, they also offer Ayurvedic massages and Panchakarma Therapies in their centres at Borivali and Mira Road.

Led by founders and trainers Neha Shetty and Sandeep Chandran – you can sign up for any of the classes. They offer yoga, zumba and aerofit sessions {which is basically aerobics movements to fast-paced beats}.

Price: Yoga {INR 300 per session and INR 2,500 per month}, zumba {INR 300 per session, INR 2,500 for one month} and aerofit {INR 300 per session and INR 2,500 per month}

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Yoga Studios

AHCL Tower, 202, Shimpoli Link Road, Opp. MTNL Telephone Exchange, Borivali West, Mumbai

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Ground and Pound M.M.A

Ground and Pound M.M.A offers mixed martial arts, combat training sessions and even yoga and dance classes. At the Borivali branch, you can sign up for boxing, kick-boxing, Muay Thai, grappling, Jit-Jitsu, judo and more. I’s perfect for anyone who wants a full body workout and learn self-defense. It’s super intense and we love it. In fact, we have rounded up other M.M.A classes in Mumbai for women as well.

Price: INR 250 per session, INR 4,000 for one month {12 sessions} for zumba, power yoga, yoga, aerobics, M.M.A

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