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Check Out This Gem In Midst Of WTC!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Flamboyante is a well-planned place with being exuberant and spacious to accommodate a lot of people and a good nightlife place to enjoy. Located inside the World Trade Center, this place serves Asian, Indian and a bit of Continental though the former is the signature preparations.
We decided to visit this place on a weekday for lunch (a skip to the nightlife adventure) and try some amazing preparation.

Berry Punch:- An amazing creamy combination of berry, peach & a bit of lime gives you this amazing color to the drink as well as great texture. This happens when there is less of ice cubes and each sip is like the first one. If you ever plan on ordering something from the mocktail section this one is the "blind buy". Recommended

Fresh Fruit Margherita:-  The classical frozen mocktail preparation with choice of strawberry, kiwi, litchee as a choice of fruit for preparation. A safe bet as the preparation is not in variance with other places. We opted for strawberry flavor and were quite content with it.

Kiwi Punch:- Fresh fruit dip of kiwi and tulsi patta to give it a minty flavor. Soothing to your body if you are consuming a lot of spices. Ideal drink and one of my favorite flavors. Recommended

Jade Rolls:- One from the oriental section with an upgraded version of spring roll. The jade roll is dipped in medium spicy oriental gravy with a lot of garlic to better the taste. Quantity wise 8 pieces are served which is quite good.

Tandoori Stuffed Mushroom:- The tandoori section did surprise us with this stuffed mushroom which was super spicy, the one to our liking and one would not expect such amazing and perfect preparation at such place. 10 pieces were served which were quite heavy. VFM 4.5/5. Recommended

Burmese Khow Suey: - Khow Suey is a one-pot meal with noodles and veggies cooked in coconut milk and garnished with peanuts and fried garlic. In flamboyant the condiments are served separately and one can have a combination of condiments as per there palate. We did add a bit of caramelized onion, powdered groundnut, and spice mix to spice up the taste and make it rich in taste. Quantity wise it ideally serves 3-4 people if you had 2-3 appetizers already. Recommended

White chocolate with Raspberry Cheesecake:- One of the most brilliant cheesecakes we had in a very long time. Hot, soft cheese layered cake served with the top layer of raspberry in an amazing combination that takes you through an adventure. It like symphony inside your mouth. Recommended

Mr. Nagesh helped us by suggesting a few dishes and the service was good.

Ambiance 5/5

Service 4.5/5

Food 4.5/5

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 1,000 - INR 3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Big Group