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Flashy Ambiance, Pool Table & Live Music, This Bar Is Where You Should Chill!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Powai is known to be a city in itself and it would have not been so, without some phenomenal restaurants like Harrys Bar and Cafe. This is in the heart of Powai, where a lot of other eateries are placed to serve the professionals working in the vicinity. Harrys has just one outlet in Mumbai so far, two in Bangalore and one in Delhi. All the outlets are a success.

This is not one of the outlets you might have heard about often because they haven't promoted it aggressively, because it receives the footfalls required. Harry's bar and cafe are generally full in the evenings of a weekday by 7 - what more would you want as a restaurant owner. They do host a lot of live music and other such events on weekdays and weekends.

Follow them on Instagram for regular updates about their events. The setup is stunning with low, high and sofa tables. The staff is very friendly and kind including our server - Ahmed. Upon requesting he even played a shot on the pool table with us. Harry's bar and cafe are also listed in "Food Hygiene Rated Restaurants In Mumbai" & "Best of Mumbai".


We tried a few drinks here, the first one being a mocktail - MANGO TANGO. I am fond of cream and ice-cream based mocktails. These are sweet and have a nice texture to them. This was not any different.

It consisted of Mango puree, Lime juice and cream. The cream was the main ingredient here as it gave this mocktail a pulpy feel. The taste of Mango was evident too. This is served in a Hurricane glass.

The cocktail was soo good that they might have named it so, after trying it. It is called GOOD O HARRY'S. It is one of the best cocktails at Harry's bar and cafe. This cocktail is served in a whisky glass with just ice initially. Along with the glass with ice, they get a wine glass with the cocktail in it.

The server then flames it with a lighter and makes sure the mixture is flamed all the way and then pours it on the ice. Whisky sour lovers will love the taste and presentation of this cocktail.

They have another variety in cocktails called "Beer cocktails". There are three variants in it. All three variants are Budweiser-based and have a lot of other ingredients. We missed it and realized it later when we were re-checking the menu. Anyways if any of you try these, please let me know in the comments which one was good.


The highlight of the appetizers is the dish called SMOKED QUESADILLAS. For those who do not know, a quesadilla is a Mexican dish and type of taco, consisting of a tortilla that is filled primarily with cheese. In this case, it was cottage cheese and stuffed with jalapeno, cheese and some exotic veggies served with salsa sauce.

There was a 6-pc appetizer and tasted really delicious. The outer layer was crisp and the cottage cheese was soft, tasted amazing along with veggies. It was garnished with coriander and cocktail sauce.

The next one was a more of a presentable and loved appetizers of all - Nachos, MUCHOS NACHOS VEGGIE to be specific. These are served in two variants - small and large. We had a small one. These were tortilla chips decorated in a beautiful circle, served in a white plate.

The centre of the plate is filled with a mashed mixture of beans and chilly along with salsa sauce, over which, Nachos are placed, topped with cheesy sauce and cut onion, cheese flakes and coriander. The chips are crispy and the mixture was juicy enough to enjoy the combination.

Main course

In our main course, we chose a pizza, a special one. It is called HARRY'S FARMHOUSE PIZZA - This is a thin crust pizza. This was not a proper round pizza with a cheesy thin base and topped with sundried tomato, corn, olives, jalapeno and peppers.

This is the only dish that I thought should have been better. Rest all the items were well prepared. But I had high expectations from a flatbread pizza. It looked very attractive. Apart from what we had, one should try fries, burger and sangrias. Harry's bar and cafe are known for all these dishes/beverages.


The dessert section is not so impressive and has just a few options - just three to be precise. We chose SIZZLING BROWNIE because drunken volcano cake can take up to 20 mins and we were short of time. This is a proper sizzling brownie dessert with a square brownie placed over a heated wooden pan. On this setup, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream is placed and hot chocolate sauce is poured.

This is favourites for a lot of you guys and it is such for a reason. It is tasty, it is chocolaty and it is presentable. Other items ordered were Minty Pina, Jolly apple beer mocktail & Chicken crispy. They have a special smoking zone as well for all the smokers out there.

The pool table is one major attraction here. The price is Rs.152/table or 15mins for a newbie. There are some strict rules in place including no betting and management is not responsible for any injuries - makes sense. Overall a great visit and captured a few good moments of my life.


Cuisines served: Chinese, Thai, North Indian, Italian, Burger, Salad
Bar: Yes
Age limit: 21yrs above
Stag Entry: No
Seating: Indoor
Live Sports Screening: Yes
Parking: Yes (Valet)

Best for lovers of:
Cocktails/Mocktails, Live Music, Nightlife

Pool Table
LGBTQIA Friendly
Beer cocktails

Mango tango
Goodo Harry’s
Smoked Quesadillas

What Could Be Better?

Need to introduce more desserts

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae