Need A Healthy Bite At Office? This New Eatery Is Serving Delicious Bowls Full Of Superfoods

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Are you tired of not being able to find enough healthy options for eating out and succumbing to junk food? Well, you are then in luck. The very first outlet of FLAX is now open at Mathuradas Mill compound famously known as Todi Mills in Lower Parel and has an array of healthy super bowls for you to choose from.

Say Yes To Healthy Lunches

In a city where stress levels are rising and health is going down on everyone’s priority list, an outlet like FLAX which provides options for wholesome and healthy food is a blessing. The restaurant offers 12 delicious super bowls which cover all your dietary requirements and taste amazing. Modern super foods like Brazil nuts, star fruit, amaranth, quinoa, red rice are used in the bowls to make sure you get all the essential vitamins & nutrition in your body. And to top it all, dishes are topped with flax seeds {that’s where the name comes from.}

On The Menu

The menu curated by a nutritionist and crafted by owner, Bunty Arora, has a range of super-bowls, salads, wraps and smoothies. Their signature salads are Power Booster and It’s A Tofu Thing. If you are going for super bowls, go for Mezze Bowl {INR 325}, So Thai Bowl {INR 195} or Indian Chicken Bowl {INR 325}.

Their cold pressed juices and smoothies are amazing too. Our picks will be Dare to Detox and Game Changer.

So, We're Saying...

FLAX is all set you turn your lifestyle around with healthy food without burning a hole in your pocket. Are you up for it?