Lilies And Roses Under INR 50? Only At Dadar Flower Market

    Dadar, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome

    Watching the colorful flower market in Dadar East (previously known as phool gully) unfold at 5 AM every morning is a sight. It's chaotically beautiful, and the colours can soothe your senses. If you want to know where all your tiny local flower markets get their bulk supply from, read on.

    Right outside the station, under the Dadar flyover flourishes the wholesale flower market, possibly the only one in Mumbai. The tiny, narrow lane is lined with kiosks, stalls and even wooden planks with one thing in common, flowers and the sweet fragrance that awaits us. We found roses, lotuses, gerberas, crimsons, lilies, marigolds, chrysanthemums, peonies to only name a few. There are vendors walking with heavy baskets on their heads and shoulders to catch the local train and supply the flowers all over the city. You will get a basket full of marigolds (a kilogram) ranging from INR 50 - 80. A bunch of 20 white roses will cost INR 50 (say whaaaat?). While the Indian flowers are cheaper, the prices of the exotic ones like lilies and peonies might be on a higher scale. 

    How To Get There:
    The market is right outside the Dadar station, thus it's best accessible from the Dadar train station.  

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    However, Phool Gully is a really tough lane to crack if you aren't used to the daily grind of the city and all the hustle and bustle. But go there for the blast of colors, the mesmerizing fragrance of flowers, and just because how inexpensive they are. 

    P.S- While you're on a flower-shopping spree, visit the flower market in Matunga too. The whole lane outside the Matunga East station (Telang Road) smells of filter coffee and freshly plucked flowers. The south-Indian garlands are on high demand always, and there is an old south-Indian style temple called the Bhajana Samaj Mandir which is gorgeous and deserves some space on your Instagram feed. Add this to your list as well! 

    Disclaimer: While heading there do take adequate safety precautions and avoid visiting the market during rush hours. 

    After the adventurous flower trail you can head for a wholesome Maharashtrian breakfast as well. Here's where you can grab some dishes in Dadar.  

      Dadar, Mumbai