Ten-Second Takeaway

You wouldn’t have guessed it, but within Crawford Market lies a lane which is full of flowers. Only they aren’t real.

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere

In the galli that leads to Lohar Chawl {right behind Badshah}, you will find yourself in an unexpected garden of artificial flowers. Parked outside the permanent shops, these are set up by vendors after vendors and seems to be a never-ending walk.



To both your left and right, you will come across tiny palm-sized pots to gigantic plants in several hues. These shops are literally dotted with fake germaniums, orchids, and even sunflowers. There are roses, chrysanthums {imitations of these} which pass off as real until you go too close.

There are also hanging creepers that you can pick up, plus Christmas trees {since the season is just around the corner}. The flowers are extremely affordable, a small pot can be found as cheap as INR 50. Like with all your local markets in the city, bargaining is a skill you must keep in hand.

So, We’re Saying…



If you like the idea of keeping flowers in your house, but couldn’t take care of a plant to save your its life, you should take a trip here.

Photos: Bhavika Govil/LBB