At this year’s Lil Flea, we can look forward to foods right from experimental to regional cuisines and everything else in between. There’s also a mix of home chefs and established brands whipping up the best chows. Here are all the delicious food vendors you can look forward to this weekend.

Death By BBQ

Photo courtesy: Death by BBQ

Photo courtesy: Death by BBQ


If you are a true-blue barbeque lover, you don’t want to leave the place without visiting this stall. Their spare ribs and baby back are to die for. They smoke their meat low and slow with charcoal and fruitwood to get the right flavour.

Fat Is Flavor

Started by Check Pratik Kuckreja, you will find exciting dessert pairings in various flavours of chocolate that you’ve never imagined before. His baking experiments with Nutella, cookies, macarons have been a hit with customers. So head to this stall if you want to try something different from the usual.

Mexican Express

Photo source: Mexican Express

Photo source: Mexican Express


Vegetarians can now rejoice! Mexican Express, a regular at the flea is now introducing Nacho burritos bowl, a combination of their signature burrito bowl topped with crunchy baked nacho chips made from imported corn. If you are a fan of authentic gourmet Mexican cuisine, here is where you should head to try their supreme burrito, veggie bowl, tostadas and salad with creamy scrumptious sauces.

Yum Crumb

Gorge on delightful gourmet cupcakes that are hand decorated and prepared with premium ingredients. Mexican Hot Chocolate, Pink Lemonade, Venetian Crepes and a lot more flavours of baked goodness. Go ahead and grab your bite of happiness.

The Curry Brothers

Photo courtesy: Curry Brothers

Photo courtesy: Curry Brothers


Vindaloo, Cafreal, and Mangsho they have all the preparations that you have been craving. So be ready to pig out on their lip-smacking curries, a speciality they have mastered. Also don’t miss their amazingly flavoured Gondhoraj lemonade.

Mafia Chef

Their fresh sauces are worth obsessing over. Sriracha Hot Chilli Sauce, Bhut Jolokia Mango Hot Sauce, Lava Sauce are all made from ingredients freshly plucked out of their own farm close to Mumbai. You are going to taste the freshest burritos in the city.

Brgr HQ

Photo source: Brgr HQ

Photo source: Brgr HQ


They are here to prove that vegetarian burgers are highly underrated. Try their new vegetarian sliders that are guaranteed to melt in your mouth along with other gourmet combos they offer pressed between buns.


Beat the heat with those mouth-melting popsicles. green apple mint tea, tiramisu, frutilicious, kiwi strawberry lemonade, pomegranate raspberry, mango cheesecake are just some of the many mind-blowing flavours that will leave you confused about which to try. We suggest, try as many as you like. They are light on the stomach but heavy on taste – so go indulge yourself.

One Tablespoon Pizza

Photo source: 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen

Photo source: 1Tablespoon Pizza Kitchen


New York styled pizzas served both by the slice and full. They create bold and unique flavours so if you are a pizza lover and want to try something other than run-of-the-mill combos, this is the place to go.


Started by Suman Kher, this brand offers the health conscious folks in the crowd guilt-free, fat-free snacks for those 4 o clock cravings. Healthy, low-calorie yet just as delicious they have a wide range of health products. Some of their yummy offerings include sweet and sour bhel, tangy and minty soya nuts, cranberry and pistachio biscotti, spiced poodina chana and nut munches.


Photo source: Saccharine

Photo source: Saccharine


The very sight of their light and creamy pavlova will make you go weak in the knees. Crunchy outside and soft on the inside, the sweetness of the dessert blends well with tartness of the fruit. They have plenty of varieties in this one type of dessert that will leave you spoilt for choice.

Dip Box

All chips lovers, your prayers have been answered. The Dip Box brings to you a variety of dips that taste great with almost anything – chips, bread, carrot sticks or even straight out of the box. Their dips contain no preservatives, are low on fat and high on taste so you don’t have to worry about calories. Psst! They have a Jain preparation as well.

Oh Fudge!

Photo source: Oh! Fudge

Photo source: Oh Fudge


They make melt-in-your-mouth chocolate fudge and sell it in blingy gold boxes. They have plenty of flavours right from sea salt and peanuts to chocolate and coffee. If it is too much hassle to pick your favourite, go for the classic walnut, their star flavour. They also have gift packs that you can pick for friends and family.

Pickled Chick

The most delicious chicken pickles made from Grandma’s recipes and loads of love. Andhra Swing, Kerala Mix, Goan Bacchae, their assortment of pickles can add spice to your regular meal and are a great gift for foodie friends too. So if chicken is your thing and pickles are what you are yearning, head to The Pickled Chick and try their flavours.

Fab Box

Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB

Photo: Athul Prasad/LBB


A subscription box company that vouches to make snacking healthy and fun, Fab Box makes snacks that are sourced from farmlands that produce in small batches thus maintaining freshness. A few snacks that they have are dark chocolate almonds, flax seed and puff mix.

Where: Lil Flea, MMRDA Grounds, BKC

When: Dec 9 to Dec 11

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Featured photo source: Mexican Express