Mumbai's Newest Food Truck Is Selling Waffles & Hotdogs By The Sea


Holler at all the fast food eaters, Bandstand is now home to a snazzy fast food truck. All hail hotdogs and waffles!

Chow Down

The latest awesome thing at Bandstand, Vanderlust is serving up a quick fix to your cravings. The menu has sandwiches like four cheese grill {INR 150}, roast chicken cheese grill {INR 180}; we recommend the fully loaded – it’s made with four cheese with grilled chicken topped with smoked bacon and homemade sauce. There’s also hotdogs {INR 99 upwards} and waffles {INR 95} to gorge on.

The good thing is, now you can reject the overpriced corn sellers at Bandstand and straight up head to Vanderlust to take a big bite of a juicy hotdog. Sounds good?

So, We're Saying...

We’re happy to see food trucks emerging in the city. More options to eat, more affordable range of options to choose from. Plus, eating by the sea? That’s a winner.