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Set City

This Pocket Friendly Spot Is Prefect For Chai & Quick Bites


    What Makes It Awesome?

    Chai Pe Charcha is a colourful and vibrant cafe.located at the fort. The thoughts and pictures on the wall will definitely make you nostalgic. They also have board games printed on the table.
    Staff was very humble and helpful.
    We tried
    Lime Iced Tea
    It was very soothing with balanced flavors.

    Cold coffee Frappe
    Refreshing but not chilled. Recommended for coffee lovers.

    Charcha Special Chai
    I am a chai lover myself so had to try this one. Chain with lots of ginger just the way I like it. Highly Recommended.

    Misal Pav
    It comes with two paper and chopped onion. Its spicy and tasty. If you like spicy food you will love this one.

    Paneer Pakode
    It came with tamarind and green chutney. It tasted good but was really oily.

    Chole Bhature
    Two big sized bhaturas. It was served with lacha onion. Bhatura tasted decent. Loved chole, it was authentic and flavourful.

    Bread Pakora
    4pieces of bread pakoras. It was okay in taste can be better.

    I will recommend this place to every chai lover out there.
    Do note that this outlet closes at 7:30 pm. So plan your visit accordingly.