Treat Yo' Self: Here's Where You Can Get The Most Over-The-Top Freakshakes In Mumbai

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Freakshakes have been steadily growing in popularity across the world. Invented in Australia, these overloaded glasses of happiness are essentially giant milkshakes topped with desserts. And no points for guessing that Mumbai has also taken to these wholesome drinks in the last couple of years. So if you're a fan (who isn't!) then we've chocked down some of the joints that do a killer job at whipping Freakshakes up. Read on (and drool)!

Melting Morsels, Bandra

With cheerful decor done in pastel shades and seating space for about 10 people, Melting Morsels puts a delectable range of freakshakes on your table. The menu has everything from a comforting mac n cheese in a cup to sugar-free cheesecakes for those who are keeping it healthy.

What To Call For: Peanut Butterscotch, Ferrero Rocher, and the Nutella Jar freakshakes 

Shell Out: INR INR 180 onward

The Brew Corner, Vasai

The joy of sitting on a swing while savouring your glass of Freakshake is what you deserve after struggling with work and chasing locals. No really, So if you're in and around Vasai, take a trip to this beautiful cafe. It is spacious, and its freakshakes are quite popular in the area. 

What To Call For: Unicorn Freakshake, Strawberry Blast and the Cupcake shake

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

Coffee by Di Bella (Multiple Outlets)

Love chocolate and don’t wanna miss out on Oreos either? If you crave a good milkshake, Coffee by Di Bella is where you should be headed to. With three freakshakes that rebel against any form of diet that you may have been trying to practice, Coffee by Di Bella takes cues from the original freakshakes of Canberra, Australia, to give Mumbaikars their freshest, craziest dessert till date.

What To Call For: Childhood Wonderland, Gold Coast Pretzel, and the Melbourne Freakshake

Shell Out: INR 360

IceKraft, Andheri West

Think Nutella, and think red velvet waffles at the same time. Seems outlandish? Put them in a Nutella jar, and you get an instant sugar rush from this freakshake at IceKraft. One of the best dessert parlours of Mumbai, you also get mind-numbing ice creams served at this one.

What To Call For: Absolute Berry Freakshake and the Tiramisu Freakshake 

Shell Out: INR 265

D:OH, Andheri

This cute little self-service cafe is steadily making a place of its own with foodies. From putting pretzels on the shakes to creating a chocolate monster, they have it all. So if you’re a lover of creamy milkshakes, head to this cafe in Andheri West to get your dose.

What To Call For: Snicker Bar and Bubblegum shakes

Shell Out: INR 225 onward

145, Kala Ghoda & Bandra

If your mantra is to completely indulge yourself in shakes that are topped with whipped cream, Oreos, sprinkles, doughnuts or even cakes, then you cannot afford to miss out on the freakshakes that this cafe offers.

What To Call For: Mint Chocolate Chip and 145's Mighty Oreo shake

Shell Out: INR 342 onward

Eat Play Love, Ghatkopar

This one's a tiny hole-in-the-wall cafe that does freakshakes right. They've got more than 10 varieties in shakes and each one has a unique flavour. You could hang out here with your tribe after college or maybe have a meet-cute over a freakshake. 

What To Call For: The Twin Trouble, White Chocolate and Kit Kat freakshake

Shell Out: INR 290 onward

Hugs and Mugs, Kharghar

Navi Mumbaikars have one of the best cafes to head to, for times when their freakshake cravings hit the peak. This one's located in Kharghar, and we kinda think the name's pretty cute. The decor, with cozy corners and bicycles on the wall, is very quirky too. 

What To Call For: Chocolate Overloaded and the Blue Berry Cheesecake freakshakes

Shell Out: INR 240 onward


These freakshakes usually come in one standard size, but you can request the restaurants for tasters if your appetite is tiny.