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Learn Freestyle Football From These Mumbai Players For Only INR 500 A Session

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Freestyle football in India was not very actively performed or followed for very long, but in the last few years since the establishment of various football academies, freestyling has seen a lot of popularity amongst Indians. The Indian Freestyle Football Federation is the only federation that helps in promoting Freestyle Football in India. And if you want to learn freestyling too, these players in Mumbai are who you should connect with.

Aarish Ansari

The 23 year old is a professional freestyle footballer. For Aarish, it started when he was injured while participating for Mumbai District Football Association in 2011. He started juggling the ball while going home and juggling came as stress buster to him. He is a Guinness World Record holder for the most number of crossovers in football {crossing the ball around his body} in 30 seconds while sitting. He managed to do 58. Aarish is also India’s representative at the Asian Freestyle Football Federation. A session with him can cost you INR 500.


Archie performs at various Indian Super League football matches and also travels throughout Asia and the rest of the world, representing India on the global stage. Archie is a crowd-involving performer, which also makes sessions with him interactive and entertaining for the audience. He charges INR 500 per session and you can get in touch with him on

Akshay Yadav

Akshay is a 21-year-old freestyle footballer who is also the third best in India. He is working towards the development of freestyle football in India. He has also worked with big celebrities such as Salman Khan, John Abraham and Varun Dhawan. Born and brought up in the hustling city of Mumbai, Akshay is looking to make it a household hobby even in the backward areas of the society. You can get in touch with him on

Prices also are flexible as to what kind of crowd they are teaching as in if they are doing it for an underprivileged society, they avoid taking anything in return.


The three football freestylers don’t have a fixed site of practice and it may vary depending on the crowd they are going to be performing for.