Beat The Summer At The New Milkshake Joint That Just Opened In Bandra

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A cute new milkshake joint is in town, Makers of Milkshake and it has opened up on Pali road in Bandra. Head over there to beat the summer blues with thick, creamy and fruity milkshakes.

These Milkshakes Bring All The Boys To The Yard

Makers of Milkshakes,a pooular milkshake cafe from Hyderabad have finally come to Mumbai in Bandra and oh my, the milkshakes are creamy and everything we need this warm and humid summer.

This cute milkshake cafe is right next to Shakey Wakey and is easy to find with its blue board, and colourful post-its stuck to its glass panel. It’s a tiny milkshake joint enough to accommodate say at least 10 people at one time. Though the cafe can get really crowded beyond that point. They only do milkshakes and stand true to their name. The milkshakes come in variations and diverse flavours from to pick and choose from including frappes, healthy shakes and a special dedicated to banana shakes.

Sip on

We found at least 20 different flavours and variations of milkshakes here. Find flavours like mango, Kit-Kat, Nutella, vanilla to green apple, we were rally spoilt for choice. The thick milkshakes are created by churning together ice cream, little bit of milk and the flavour {choice of the customer}. The milkshakes start at INR 130 and go up to INR 180 which we think is pretty affordable.

They also have a flavour of the month wherein a milkshake is created using a fresh fruit {of the season}.

So, We're Saying...

That’s enough of delicious milkshakes..said no one ever. Put on your sun glasses, summer hat and get yourself a creamy milkshake to beat the heat. Slurp, Slurp, we know we did.


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