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This Mumbai Home Chef Is Selling Stunning Sauces, Dips & Chutneys

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What Makes It Awesome?

Born and brought up in Mumbai, Rekha Kapoor is a food enthusiast. Trying out different cuisines is something that drives her. She has a passion for cooking and feeding delish dishes to the ones close to her. Preparing new dishes and experimenting with food comes naturally to her. With her Blog - 'Cooking with Rekha Kapoor', she takes her love for food to a different level. Rekha's Rasoi is a one-stop destination for all your sauce/dip/chutney requirements. All items are made at home with fresh ingredients, and only on order.

Here are a few sauces/dips/chutneys that seem to be the favourites:

Schezwan sauce - A fiery hot and spicy sauce made from red chilli, garlic and ginger is a must have condiment with Indian and Chinese starters. The sauce can be used as a base for dishes such as Schezwan paneer/chicken, chicken shola kebabs, mushroom/corn in red sauce. Top restaurants in Mumbai have been using their sauce for more than two decades now. Schezwan sauce is one of the best selling sauces from Rekha's Rasoi. Priced at INR 600/kg.

Mint Mayo dip - Home-made mayonnaise sauce infused with freshly made mint chutney. Mint mayo tastes yummy with lavash, nachos, wedges, kebabs, sandwiches and French fries. Priced at INR 600/kg.

Salsa sauce - A side dip made with freshly chopped vegetables and tangy tomato sauce. Tastes yummy with nachos, chips, French fries and American finger food. Priced at INR 600/kg.

Cheesy Herb dip - A blissful blend of fresh herbs and mouth melting cheese. Goes extremely well with chips/wafers, sandwiches, burgers, finger food and other such snacks. Priced at INR 650/kg.

Satay sauce - A thick, creamy sauce made from peanut butter and freshly roasted & crushed peanuts. Goes well with Grilled Chicken/Corn/Vegetables/Cottage Cheese. Priced at INR 500/500grams.

Amritsari Pudhina chutney - A traditional chutney that comes right from the heart of Punjab. A recipe passed down from generations. Enjoy it with Mughlai/Indian/Tandoori cuisines. Priced at INR 300/kg.

Dilkhush - Just as the name suggests this condiment will leave you feeling happy in the heart. Traditionally served in 'Langars' at Gurudwaras, Dilkhush goes rather well with chole bhature, samosas, aloo tikkis, paranthas and other Indian snacks. Priced at INR 400/kg.

Above mentioned prices also include shipping charges across Mumbai.

What's My Pro Tip?

They have also put together a hamper for you to pick from that includes - four sauces {of your choice} INR 1000 for 1kg of assorted sauces {250grams each}.

Anything Else?

To place an order you can call them on +91-9867709988.