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Wanna Chill In Monica Gellar's Kitchen? A New F.R.I.E.N.D.S Cafe Has Opened In Pune

Bhavika posted on 16 March


It seems that the love of Friends {the show, of course} never dies down. There’s now a second Friends-themed café to have opened up in Maharashtra, and this time it’s in Pune.

Oh My God

Central Perk, or a rendition of it has just started taking orders for cups & cups of coffee {and more} in Katraj, Pune.

A snippet of Monica’s kitchen with the brick wall and bright blue cabinets take one section of the café ,while the rest has motifs and symbols in tribute of the show every 90’s not-so-kid has grown up sneakily watching.

The iconic purple door whose apartment number always seemed to be on a rise, the orange couch, Monica’s kitchen and the olive green Central Perk colour all seem to have a place in this café.

And The Food?

That’s always a priority. Although we haven’t visited yet, we know that they have the regular affair of the fast food taking supreme. From pizza to pasta, burger to sandwiches, and iced teas to shakes, these guys have got all the basic food groups covered.

The dishes are served in bright, colourful crockery, making for a happy place overall.

Could We Be Any Happier?

Just a tad – you know, were it actually in Mumbai. But we aren’t complaining. The one in Kharghar almost makes up for it. Visit one, or both.

So, We're Saying...

Don’t let anyone eat your sandwich. YOUR sandwich! ever again. The food is reasonable and that orange couch, large enough for your Friends gag to sink into and chat the day away.

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