From Footlong Fries To Ice Creams, This Is A Paradise For All Sweet Fanatics

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What Makes It Awesome?

Huber & Holly - This is a paradise for all you sweet tooth fanatics.

Ever imagined yourself at a toy store as a kid? You know you’ve got adrenaline just looking at every toy kept at the corner. All you do is either throw a tantrum about getting one or be the spoiled kid pointing at a product you want and your parents get it. H&H precisely replicates this.

Welcome to a world with scrumptious food, churned ice creams, eggless macaroons (yes you heard that right) and 31 toppings to choose from on your dessert.

Started off with Footlong Fries (cheesy jalapeños) - came in long and hot. Shallow fried to crisp. Liked the cheesy and jalapeño texture layer over. Savoured well alongside a mayo dip aside.

Took the half and half pizza of Four cheese and Truffle oil and Shiitake Mushroom and truffle oil. (Thick crust). Liked the mushrooms and mozzarella spread on both.

Ice cream pastry’s included -

Truffle oh! - that’s one heck of a chocolate rush inside. Dark chocolate that only melts while you scoop for the ice cream inside. Indeed an oh! moment.

Strawberry Bombshell - similar to the truffle oh! Just that the texture is of strawberry here. Placed on top of a cookie. Neatly put up.

Rainbow Confetti - 7 layers of Ice creams including blueberry, strawberry and a strong touch of bubblegum to my surprise. Well garnished.

From the creation menu, went in for their Ultimate Hazelnut Chocolate - Nice blend of the Ferraro Rocher and hazelnut ice cream. Toppings were of crunchy hazelnut and Kit Kats. Sinful one.

Finally ended the dessert affair with Kopi Gau - a Singaporean blend of the coffee. Neither bitter nor too sweet. A good take for people who like black coffee usually.

Overall, this is a chocolate paradise for the kid in you. probably, you’ve brought that toy from that fancy shop. Turn the tables and head to this fancy confectionary place and don’t miss a single thing on the menu. Because believe it or not, I was an adult lost in this chocolate paradise.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids