Paan Ice Cream, DIY Sundaes And More: This Dessert Joint Blew My Mind

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What Makes It Awesome

-301°F was quite a fascinating experience for me, since they make the ice cream in front of you and it's astonishing to watch! The bounty chocolate rolls are yummy! The red velvet with chocolate hazelnut is absolutely wow.

There are various options for paan lovers, the gulkhand special and the paan masala special are a must try!

You can also make your own sundae and experiment something new! You never know, you might just invent another flavour all by yourself.

What Could Be Better?

The ambience and seating arrangements could be better!

What's My Pro Tip?

There's usually no parking since it's on the main road plus it's generally crowded.

Anything Else?

It shares its place with THE J, which is an amazing combination! You can never go wrong with fries.