6 Awesome DIYs To Keep You Occupied While On A Home Quarantine

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We’ve got nothing but love for the traditional DIYs of yore, but as the world kept turning… A whole lot of new ones have come around. From DIY bags to DIY projectors… We’ve come a long, long way. Now that you’re at home, spending time reflecting, and therefore realizing you’ve got a ton of time, we decided to muster a list of unique AF DIYs that are anything but ordinary. Read on!

DIY Projector

In most of our “ideal home” scenarios, we envisioned either a huge TV, or a projector with a huge comfy mattress parked in front of it. If you haven’t got the huge TV, and you belong to the second category, you’re in luck. This is pretty fun to try out, and quite easy. Just make sure you sort out your own sound!

Here's how.

DIY Designer Mugs

Love the look of personalised mugs? Guys, turns out you can legit personalize mugs on your own! All you need is a pack of normal sketchpens, and an oven. We can’t believe it’s this easy. This is a great project for kids, too! Use this chance to make Mr. and Mrs. mugs in your own style, or to make a boring mug infinitely cooler.

It's simple, see!

DIY Snow Globe

Miffed about all those cancelled travel plans? Relive your vacations in Kashmir and Switzerland with these DIY Snow Globes! Alright, we agree that was a stretch. All you need is a jar, salt and glycerin. Baaki sab, on your imagination. This one is VERY kids-friendly, too!

Here's how to make 'em from scratch.

DIY Bath Salts

Whether you’ve got a bathtub or not, bath salts are a (delicious-smelling) way to detox, relax, centre yourself, and/or even rid yourself of muscle aches. Whether you like punchy peppermint or the sweet calmness of lavender, bath salts are SO easy to DIY, you’re never gonna buy ‘em again. You need to try these when you’re really just done adulting, and need something soothing and fun for bathtime.

Here's how!

DIY Vision Board

No time like right now to create one, eh? Really think about where you’d like to head in the next couple of years, and imagine your best possible life. Have a clear image in mind, and you’ll find that it’s almost uncomfortable to envision something that sounds really far out! A vision board serves as something that reminds you every day of what you’re looking to achieve. It’s your best case scenario, basically repackaged as a really fun DIY. 

Envision how to make this one here.

DIY Arm Knit Blanket

All that time on your couch might’ve made you realise your decor might’ve been just a little bit unimaginative. If you’ve been falling asleep on it, you would’ve also realised that it could really use a blanket that doesn’t need you to go all the way to our bedroom. How about knitting a blanket by yourself? We promise this one’s SUPER easy.

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