CHUG! Here's A List Of Drinking Games To Pass The Summer

There's nothing like a great drinking game to break the ice and get you chatting. Summer's up and while we're isolating, we can still enjoy these fun games with our roomies or even virtually! We think this is a great time to have a few drinking games in your (online hosting) arsenal. We're pretty sure you're familiar with the usual "take a shot everytime...", but the ones we've listed, they're next level! Read on, party monster.

Drinking Roulette

Drinking Roulette Game

Drinking Roulette Game

Exciting Lives
₹ 850

We love the idea of roulette, cigars, and getting lucky. Here, however, you lose your sobriety as opposed to your money. The idea is to play roulette as you normally would, while getting buzzed. Feel free to bend the rules as you go, and make sure you play with a large group! If you don't wanna get the game itself, download the virtual version here on iOS and here on App Store.

Price: INR 849



This one's an app we love. Picolo is a drinking game that sorts out truths, dares and more for you. Just fill in the names of all the players, and the app makes its own permutations and combinations of tasks, rules and challenges you've all got to complete during the course of the game. 

Price: The app itself is free, but you can unlock levels at a price of INR 453 a month. 

5 Second Rule

5 Second Rule - Drinking Game

Another app that you've gotta try is 5 Second Rule. It's basically a rapid fire, with around a thousand weird questions. You can even add custom cards, to make things specific to your group. Choose to either down your drink, or take a sip every time you don't answer within 5 seconds. Yes, this will have you getting pretty drunk. Get it here.

Price: 3-day free trial after which it charges INR 150 per week for pro levels

Game Of Shots

Game of Shots

This easy-to-use app has so many options for a fun night! Never have I ever, Truth Or Dare, Impossible Mission, Shake Da Booze, Express Hangover and more. There’s no need to think and creatively come up with daring questions, this app will do all the work for you! Get it here.

Price: Free of cost for easier levels of the game, the higher levels are priced varyingly as you level up.

True Or False Storytime

Each person writes interesting nouns onto chits and put them all in a bowl. Roll a dice without showing the other participant what number has landed. Pick up a chit from the bowl and read the word. If the dice has come up with an even number, you have to say a true story surrounding the word, while if it comes to an odd number, you have to make up a false story and narrate it.

The participants then have to guess whether the story is true or false. If they predict wrong, they have to take a sip. If they’re right, you have to take a shot.

If you're playing this virtually, each person will need a pair of dice, paper, pencil and of course, a drink! Read more here.

Price: Free

Guess the Dialogue

Guess Movie Dialogue

If you’ve watched movies and shows all quarantine, this game is right up your ally. Test your friends with their favourite movies. Act up a famous dialogue and ask them to complete it. If they can’t they have to down a shot but if they successfully complete it, you have to take a sip. Get the app here.

Price: Free

Drunk Pictionary


Pictionary is pretty legendary for all the giggles that ensue. However, we would like to up the ante and get drinks involved. The rules are pretty simple, you draw the same thing against your opponent and try your best for your teammate to recognize the drawing. We usually give absurd descriptions for drawing (for ex: morning ducks drinking coffee out of your office coffee machine). The team which loses has to chug down a beer. Try this app next time you play.

Price: Free