Setting Up A Window-Garden? Check Out The Gorgeous Ceramic Pots At Gaia

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What Makes It Awesome

We went to Gaia Pottery – a studio cum shop that sells ceramic pots and art inspired by artisans from Thailand, Bali, Cambodia and more.

The store houses designer pots & accessories like candle stands, vases, planters, plates that will make a world of difference to your interiors. From ceramic table tops to clay and cement planters, the store is known for its glazed ceramic. The prices range from INR 300 going upto INR 25,000. Their garden lamps are minimal and they also have rustic garden decor (in case you are blessed with a garden in Mumbai). Their wood-like planters take the cake with the design. The studio is located in Parel but still manages to ooze peaceful vibes.

Their products perfectly reflect the name "Gaia" who is an earth goddess from Greek mythology and draw from a love for nature and its beauty and create beautiful and aesthetic pieces that add that same beauty to your home.


If you are particular about what you get home, Gaia is a store that is popular for its use of high-quality materials for its products.