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Galaxy Cupcakes Have Landed In Mumbai, And They're Out Of The World

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The Cupcake Factory in Bandra bakes and swirls gorgeous galaxy colours on to cupcakes, and we can’t wait to get our hands on them.

Eat These We Will

Just as with rainbows, you may have noticed a certain galaxy trend bombarding your social media. Rather trippy frostings with swirls, colours and wisdom of the universe seem to be packed into this effect. If you were wondering just where in Mumbai to try one of these out, it would be the Cupcake Factory.

It is not available off the shelf yet, but can be made to order in 1-2 days’ time. The base cupcake itself can be made in any of their classic flavours – Nutella, apple cinnamon, chocolate and chilly, peanut butter, rocky road – we really recommend their classic chocolate though. It’s perfect.

The frosting, in all cases, is a classic vanilla buttercream made by mixing food grade colours {purple, yellow, hot pink, black and blue} and artificial essence. After that, edible silver sparkle is dusted on to this frosting, and its seems just as what Yoda eat will as a dessert option.

These cupcakes look like with each bite you are tasting the world with and acquiring all the universe’s wisdom through the frosting.

So, We're Saying...

To order, the minimum is 6 big cupcakes of 9 mini ones. The cost is INR 100 for a big cupcake or INR 35 for a small one. Call them maybe?