Indoor Pool & A Lake View: This Lonavala Farm Is Perfect For Your College Reunion

Nupur posted on 05 June

What Is It?

A six-room property built on a 5-acre campus, Le Farm likes to call itself a ‘modern, homely farm’. They couldn’t be more correct about that. The property has modern design elements paired with homeliness. A bright yellow exterior against a green backdrop, the interiors are all about wooden floors, bathtubs and water bodies. You’ll see books neatly stacked on to book shelves, cosy seating and an indoor pool for you to soak your feet in. The tariff for one night will come down to approximately INR 45,000 and the villa can hold 18 guests at a time. Considering it can hold a large group, it’s perfect for a reunion or a family get-together. The villa also houses a gym and hot tub too. You get up to a beautiful lake view and they can also arrange for a farm tour on a tractor. How fun.

Where Is It?

Located in Village Bhajgaon on the back waters of Vadivale lake, the homestay is in Kamshet, Near Tata Power Somwadi Dam.

How Do I Get There?

Located in Lonavala, it is literally the easiest place to get to. You can take a train, hop onto a bus or just drive down. If you drive down, you can be there in three hours.

What's Unique About It?

A huge property on the banks of a river, imagine the sun setting in the backdrop while you eat organic fruits from the farm. The luxury of sitting in a hot tub while reading your favourite book. We’ll just leave these mental pictures here.

Don't Leave Home Without...

Light jacket, monsoon gear, clothing, snacks and sunglasses.

More details here.