Writers & Artists Contribute Your Work To This LGBTQ Blog That Gives The Community A Voice


    Gaysi Family, an Indian LGBTQ community meets, talks about all gender-specific topics in a safe space it calls its own. They also make a bi-annual zine and are open to contributions from writers and creators.

    The Gaysi Zine has been a part of the many cool things that the Gaysi Family community organizes. You can send in any thoughts, stories, personal experiences – fact, fiction, however you would like to express your experience. The zine is bilingual, so you needn’t feel any constraint of language in expression. Send in your memoirs, stories, comics, illustrations, love letters – be it what you wish, but it should express and document your feelings about the same, everything that is usually brushed under a carpet or hushed in corridors. 

    The site's main aim is to provide a platform for the LGBTQ community in South Asia and engage the desi community through a variety of means through sharing stories, news, fiction, poems, reviews and more. They also have an open mic called Dirty Talk that's aimed at creating a safe space for expression through a variety of means from music to poetry and storytelling. And if you're looking to up your awareness quotient, their community page also has handy sections on Gay Rights and IPC 377 in India.