Gender Fluid, Customised, Inclusive: 4 Queer-Made Fashion Brands To Bookmark

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ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community, on Queer Made. 

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower entrepreneurial voices. We’ve come across some unique businesses which you can discover and shop from! This curation aims to create more awareness about topics ranging from genderless fashion to crochet to upcycled clothes. Take a look.

Knots Crochet - Jhankar Grover

Knots Crochet

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One of our earliest memories is of our mothers knitting a crochet sweater for us during the winters. Inspired by this memory, Jhankar Grover founded Knots Crochet. Their vibrant personality reflects in the vibrant colours and quirky design patterns that ensure the products scream stunning. From crochet tops to earrings to headbands to stuffed toys to pendants to bandanas, you are spoilt for choice here. You can either buy their ready products or get them custom made for yourself, all at affordable prices.

Azabysan - Saniya


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When we think of crochet, we think of our grandmother's hand knitted sweaters - snug, comfortable, and made with love. But wait! Saniya, a crochet whiz based in Bangalore, does just that, but with a modern spin! Thus, Azabysan was born. From home decor to adorable toys to handmade clothes, you can find anything your crochet desiring heart wants, from this brand. Not to mention, it’s sustainable and can be easily customised. 

Phirki - Disha


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In the era of fast fashion, Phirki is a brand founded by Disha Pai, that reduces the trash and makes something fashionable out of it. Phirki upcycles old clothes and makes new pieces of clothing such as cute co-ords, tube tops, peplum tops, and so much more! Disha started Phirki as a college experiment and ended up finding her calling. The business utilises every last bit of scrap to create clothing that is literally one of its kind. Various techniques like garment reconstruction, patchwork, painting and dyeing go into the making of those cute tops. Go get yours now! They resume shipping on July 3.