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Aranya Johar, Annie Zaidi & Others Will Speak, Rap And Riff On Gender At This Event

Harkat Studios

Andheri West, Mumbai

What Is It?

An attempt to open dialogue on gender, ‘Me and the Other’ is an evening of performance poetry, music, stand-up and readings slated to happen at Harkat Studios in Versova. Expect to see rapper Sofia Ashraf, performance poet Aranya Johar, writer Annie Zaidi, writer and director Devashish Makhija, poets and spoken word artist group Sexonomics including, actor Priyanka Charan, educator and performer Lopa Shah and standup comedian and writer Shashank Mehta.

The conversation will be hitting some pretty heavy notes and also light ones, but the entire effort is to reclaim this conversation out of virtual living rooms on Facebook and bring it in a room full of real people. It’s an effort to have difficult conversations through an easy format, hopefully easing us into subjects we rarely dare to tread. The tickets are priced at INR 350.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who wants to understand the issues related to gender, gain a new perspective and meet new people.

Why Should I Go?

There is a dearth of places, venues, events that talk about a sensitive topic such as this. It’s be interesting to see different point of views clash, newer perspectives unearthed, all through new mediums {other than writing}.

So, We're Saying...

If you actively participate in the discussion and issues that engulf social media, this could be a great platform for you to voice your opinion and more importantly, listen to others.

Where: Harkat Studios, Versova

When: Friday, June 16

Timings: 8:30PM-10:30PM

Cost: INR 350

Tickets available here.

Harkat Studios

Andheri West, Mumbai