Get Chicken Biryani, Momos And More At This Khau Galli In Bandra East


    Always looking for tasty and cheap food? Your hunt ends here at this amazing khau galli in Bandra east!

    Chow Down

    Located near Chetna College in Bandra east, this small street is home to all things tasty- chicken momos, local and regional homemade food, fast food and cheap alternatives to any khau galli. The services at all the stalls are fairly good, and we visit the place at least twice a week. The lane is narrow with less chance of parking available with college-goers crowding the whole area all the time.

    When there, do try the chicken biryani for just INR 40 and the chicken momos for just INR 30! The food here is very affordable and pocket-friendly. Just make sure you visit the lane after noon since that is the time all the shops open and the college crowd has marginally decreased.

    So, We're Saying...

    We know it’s hot, but food triumphs over even bad weather, and we’re definitely gong back here for more.