Say No To Plastic: Get Your Hands On These Gorgeous Handmade Ceramics


    Looking to redo your kitchen? Then do so by supporting the local potter’s homegrown brand, One Wheel Drive, which creates handmade stoneware ceramics home decor pieces and gorgeous tableware.

    It's All In The Hand

    One Wheel Drive is a ceramics brand started off by Anshu Dorairaj at a studio on Grant Road. What began as a form of creativity and passion, is now a brand that sells beautiful rustic pots, cups, plates and more – all handmade by the potters.

    These stoneware ceramics are 100% lead free, and in that sense also really sustainable and good for the environment. The collection starts at INR 200 a piece per cup/plate to a set that’ll cost you INR 1,500 upwards.

    What We Love

    The ever-so-colourful and exquisite decoratives. No single piece/set is replicated for the sake of production, and demand. All of them are unique and individually carved and created. This comes from the fact that Anshu herself is a potter and runs classes to teach other people pottery {know more about pottery classes here}. We found a few catchy pieces {especially the cups} which had some interesting patterns carved on them.

    We’re already imagining our kitchen full of these handmade pieces, and we’ve been told, eating food out of these ceramics also enhances the taste of the food. What’s not to love then?

    So, We're Saying...

    Skip the plastics and the regular products already available in the market, and go for these handmade products. They’re earthy, beautiful and by buying, we are wholly and fully supporting the ever so trending #MakeInIdia.