Get High On Chuskis At This Rooftop Bar & Grill In Andheri

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What Makes It Awesome

Gone are the days when only summers meant gorging on golas to beat the heat. Rikē, a rooftop bar and grill have recently introduced golas, however with a twist; an alcoholic twist! Can’t believe it? Even we couldn’t until we tried them!

Also, there are six different flavours you can choose from:
1. Kala Khatta gola made using vodka.
2. Jäger Bomb gola made using Jägermeister.
3. Rum & Coke gola made using the classic combo of rum and coke.
4. Cosmo Red gola made using Absolut vodka.
5. Strawberry Tequila gola.
6. Watermelon Sorbet gola.

You don’t need the summer to gorge on your favourite chuskis anymore, and nothing can beat these alcoholic golas!

What's My Pro Tip?

We loved the Jäger Bomb gola the most, followed by the Rum & Coke version.

Anything Else?

While you’re getting high on these beauties, do not forget to visit {} for more drool-worthy explorations!