Library Of Nuts Offers A Unique Assortment Of Mouth Fresheners & Nuts

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What Makes It Awesome?

Healthy, heavenly and homemade, this amazing concoction of nuts, seeds and dried fruits at Library Of Nuts will leave a delectable aftertaste in your mouth. It truly is a hand-made and hand-crafted delight. It started as a family tradition, the process of roasting, chopping, and mixing of ingredients happened in the house kitchen - once the daily chores were done - with the entire family involved and soon appreciation, acceptance, and pure enjoyment led to the creation of this brand.

The nuts come in all sorts of delicious combinations and varieties. Almond Delight, their flagship product is definitely the best out of all their flavourful after mints. It is a product created solely for the purpose of gifting to friends and relatives on festivals. They also pack the gifts in an artistic style according to the occasion. Tropical Twist has a tangy and sour taste to it while Berry Bites has sweet notes. Beej Blast is earthy. One thing is for sure, all of the flavours are irresistible. There's no stopping once you start eating it.

Library Of Nuts boasts of nine flavours, their passion has led to a full-fledged business of introducing healthy and tasty digestives to as many homes as they can. They strive to keep adding more to their repertoire of mouth-watering mixes. Treat them as digestives, mouth-fresheners or even as satisfactory munchies for the peckish hours, it's a healthy choice.

Ideal for home consumption, party gifting or even as alternatives to traditional sweets with wedding invites, we can guarantee you will be left craving more.

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