Get Quirky Dreamcatchers Like Deathly Hallows, Earrings, Necklaces, Owls And More

    What Makes It Awesome

    Love dream catchers and Harry Potter? Check out the awesome Potter-themed dream catchers made by Shruti Bhagtani. These dream-catchers are modelled after the Deathly Hallows. These go for INR 2,000 each. You can also get an owl-shaped dream catcher for INR 550, dream catcher necklaces for INR 300, and even dream catcher earrings for INR 250. You can also wall dreamcatchers starting from INR 300 going up to INR 2,000 (depending on the size and design). Shruti Bhagtani makes these amazing dreamcatchers only on order. So call her now.


    Place your order by DMing her on Instagram @reverie_dreamcatchers. You can also contact her on +919702911121.