Sushi, Ramen & Much More, Get The Best Authentic Japanese Cuisine At Yazu

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What Makes It Awesome?

Yazu, a place which serves authentic Japanese, Mediterranean, Thai cuisine with such a luxurious service and beautiful ambience. It is located at Oshiwara Andheri West

Coming to the food we had:
-Ginger Kaafe Mocktail:- The refreshing and flavourful taste of that ginger and cranberry and kafir leaf. That punch of ginger, mild sweetness of cranberry just make a perfect blend of that mocktail-
-Strawberry & Orange Mocktail:- The lovely sweet and sour combination of strawberry and orange. A Perfect blend and soothing taste

For starters we had:
-Butter Garlic Sichuan Tiger Prawns:- Now these were really delicious. Prawns were cleaned thoroughly and the quantity was generous. The quality was really good, juicy, delectable. Prawns in that medium spicy gravy were definitely worth the money.
-Yazu 2 Chicken:- Spicy, dry gravy of succulent boneless chicken pieces. The chicken was really soft here, cooked perfectly yet so tender. The gravy was dry consisting of onions. The quantity of chicken was really good, satisfying for three people easily.
-Yazu Special Sushi:- Sushi lovers must definitely try sushi. Sushi consisted of avocado, Nori(seaweed) enveloped in sushi rice and topped with salmon. For first-timers might not be that good of experience but as you go on tasting it, the taste develops finely and delicious.

For the main course we had:
-Japanese Ramen Bowl:- This is definitely a must-have, absolutely worth the money. The ultimate authentic ramen bowl with Soba noodles, a generous amount of chicken pieces covering most of the bowl, vegetables such as asparagus, basil etc and also a soft boiled egg which was just a treat to have. Also, the distinct quality I liked about this was the broth. The broth was really delicious, perfect amount of spiciness not too spicy.
-Chef's Special Green Curry Flavoured Fried Rice:- This is the first time I'm trying something of this combination, it was very flavourful and the quantity was good. The Thai curry flavour added some authentic taste to the dish. Kudos to the chef.

Go for it.

For desserts we had:-
-Tiramisu:- Out of all the places, this is the best Tiramisu I have had so far. The rich coffee flavour was so good, that cream and that coffee blend. It was a match made in heaven. Certainly gonna come again to have this.
-Chocolate Souffle:- The presentation was beautiful here. The amazing Chocolate Souffle with vanilla ice cream. The souffle was so rich in Chocolate and complemented the vanilla ice so fantastically.
This place is absolute heaven for authentic Japanese food.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.