Get Your Hands On History & Vernacular Literature At This Old Bookshop

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What Makes It Awesome?

With the advent of technology such as smartphones and the Kindle, reading paperback books is a dying trend. However, even today if you ask a book-lover about their fantasy, their answer most likely would be "To be able to hold, feel, and read from a physical book." 

People's Book House, a 70-year-old bookstore located in Colaba deals in books of different subjects in various languages {primarily English, Hindi, and Marathi}. Primarily started as the only vendor in Bombay who sold Russian literature, the collapse of the Soviet Union deeply impacted the business {can you believe that the break up of the Soviet Union impacted a tiny bookstore somewhere in Bombay?} and they expanded to sell Indian literature. From books on the history and art, they also deal in books on politics. If you're a reader of vernacular literature, they have a lot of Hindi and Marathi books {old and new}. The books on Indian history really interested us, and we found them priced very reasonable between INR 200 and INR 600. They have a small collection of children's books as well. 

There will always exist the charm of reading a paperback book, or even the romance of being in a library and surrounded by books, how much ever technology progresses. 

So, we're saying... hit up People's Book House if you're a book-addict, they won't disappoint. Shop to your heart's content, and don't forget to sip on the cutting chai from the vendor right outside the store, it will surely make your day.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000