Dessert Cravings? Drop By This Pasteleria In Andheri Now!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Loco Loca pasteleria have had desserts in their restaurant and they were marvellous this time I exclusively tried their desserts from the place and I was not disappointed. It was amazing and superb and very filling for the family.

Coming to what I had:-

Macarons:- One of the best macarons you can have is here! The texture was smooth and clean and also each flavour was unique. Some macarons needed a bit more meringue filling than others in my opinion. Flavours ranging from Chocolate, bubblegum was present.

Walnut Banana tea muffin:- A medium-sized sweet muffin. What I liked was how the sweet balance was maintained throughout. By the way, this was a veg muffin which was such a treat. Amount of walnuts were also quite good!!

1 packet Assorted Cookies:- Consisted of butter cookies, Chocolate chip cookies. Both were delicious and quite sweet.

1 Chocolate Brownie:- Amazing texture and such a Chocolatey brownie. A thick Chocolate cream layer on top which had quite a thick consistency such as the cake. Flavours were awesome!
1 packet Lavash:- First they looked like crackers biscuits to me but they were quite crispy and the flavour was very different than cracker biscuit. It also had some cheese on top!
1 packet Breadsticks:- This was veg and very crispy and flavourful, blended well with tea. A great tea time snack!
1 Berry Crumble Muffin:- Small cute muffin with perfect sweetness and amazing texture!

1 Dutch Truffle Pastry Chocolate lovers must have this !! So creamy, Chocolatey and also perfect consistency between the cake layers and cream!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Big Group, Kids