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#GetFit: Mumbaikars Who Workout Recommend Their Kickass Personal Trainers

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We know how daunting it can be to sign up with a trainer, or even just head to the gym for that matter. There’s equal parts confusion, intimidation and lack of any direction. To burst the ‘trainers-are-for-celebrities’ myth, we spoke to a few Mumbaikars who train and swear by their trainers and why they recommend signing up with them. Our spoiler verdict is: a) they’re awesome b) get on-board with them already.

Aditi Mittal Recommends Sandeep Mohite

Funny aka fit woman Aditi Mittal started working out around seven-eight months back. Though Aditi isn’t a fitness freak, she has had a love-hate relationship with gyms for over a decade now. Finally to put a pin it, she decided to sign up with Sandeep and is now addicted to her workouts. She works out thrice a week for an hour religiously. A self-confessed adrenaline addict, if we may add.

Trainer’s USP: Focuses mainly only strength building. Though he regulates her diet, he is more about maximising that one hour of workout. He works with the specific body type. In Aditi’s case, he acknowledges her love for food, so instead he works more with her body movements than asking her to stick to a diet.

Recommends because: Sandeep is utterly professional and motivational. In her words, “he is not charmed by me” and is super focused in making sure Aditi pushes herself and outdoes herself. She recommends getting a trainer mainly because she can see for herself how a trainer disciplines the fitness routine.

Fee: INR 15,000 for 12 classes {3 classes a week} at the location of your choice, INR 12,000 per 12 classes at Regis Fitness Factory

Contact: 022 6531 6555, find him on Facebook here.

Vaishnavi Upalekar Recommends Pankaj More

Vaishnavi has worked out with Pankaj More for a year, and her husband, on the other hand, has been working out with him for over two years now. Pankaj is an extremely dedicated trainer, and works together with his people to train them better and push them to get better results.

Trainer’s USP: Pankaj has trained Vaishnavi and helped her achieving a toned body and an increased stamina.

Recommends because: He gives a body specific workout that caters to individual body type. He charts out a specific diet, and workout plan for every individual, and makes sure to follow up. Skip your workout, and he’ll be sure to motivate you and reprimand you {but in a good way}. She adds he’s a trooper because no matter what, he will not give up on you.

Fee: INR 10,000 to INR 12,000

Contact: +91 98338 38368, find him on Facebook here.

Neha Khilnani Recommends Dushyant Khilnani

Neha Khilnani is a national level basketball player who is accustomed to strenuous workouts. However, after a gap of almost five years, she got back to training six months ago with Dushyant Khilnani.

Trainer’s USP: Dushyant believes in building on the flexibility and stamina first, then moves onto workout for toning the body.

Recommends because: Follows a strict and disciplined approach to the people who train under him. Dushyant propagates eating in controlled proportions rather than just cutting back on eating, or skipping meals. He is 100% there with you, no matter what the fitness level.

Fee: Personal training per month INR 20,000 {five sessions}, INR 15,000 {three sessions}; group classes between INR 8,000 to INR 10,000 {eight people at max}

Contact: 9820328326, find him on Facebook here.

Tanvi Hegde Recommends Harrison James

For the unaware, Tanvi is our childhood icon from the television series, Sonpari, aka Frooti. From then, and now, Tanvi has been an ardent fitness freak and has been working out since 2013. She trained under Harrison James who runs MFT studio in Santacruz religiously for two months. Though a short period of time, she tells us the discipline has stuck with her.

Trainer’s USP: Harrison is a well-known celebrity trainer and is all for the client. Harrison goes beyond the regular heavy weight lifting or gym equipment, instead focuses more on mixing it with crossfit. A two-hour session everyday which includes at least 30-40 minutes of running, and you come out sweaty but feeling satisfied. He advocates healthy eating, that is, required amounts of carbs and proteins for the body. Ghee isn’t banned and neither is dark chocolate, which makes us think he is the dream trainer really.

Recommends because: Strict with client’s diet, and is a tough taskmaster. He works well with goals – set a goal and it shall be achieved within that frame of time. He works on your strengths, at the same time, works around your weaknesses.

#LBBTip: Do a fulfilling workout, and be gifted orange Lindt as your reward. Fun, innit?

Fee: Price on Request for personal training; INR 15,000 for group sessions {12 sessions}

Contact: +91 77100 44000 or find him on Facebook here.