Make It Bold: Get These Awesome Gifts For The Leo In Your Life


    Lively, vivacious, stubborn, impulsive, confident and love getting your undivided attention, it's safe to say that Leos like to enjoy life to the full. Loyal to the core and protective as hell once they've made you a part of their pack, Leos love to spoil those they love and make them feel special. But they also love to feel super special themselves and you know they're gonna be wanting all your attention when they're with you. Surprisingly sensitive, beneath all that bluster, make 'em feel loved and you've got a friend for life.

    All that being said, here are some top gifts you can buy for your Leo friends

    For Her: Sun Rays Gold Plated Open Hoops

    Sun Rays Gold Plated Open Hoops

    Sun Rays Gold Plated Open Hoops


    Leo's ruling planet is the sun. So gifting them this beautiful set of golden hoops from House of Baalee to offset their fiery nature seems pretty much on point. Go on, give them an excuse to show off!

    Price: INR 500

    For Her: Geometric Sun Printed Messenger Bag

    Geometric Sun Printed Flap Messenger Bag

    Geometric Sun Printed Flap Messenger Bag


    Leos often has a great sense of style. And they like to use it to express exactly who they are and often that means finding interesting, unusual or different pieces that accentuate who they are. We think they'll love this printed messenger bag from Boriya.

    Price: INR 1499

    For Him: Hand Block Printed Casual Shirt

    Handblock Lemon & Leaves Casual Shirt

    It takes confidence to pull off a yellow shirt with lemons printed on it. And the Leo guy in your life probably has that confidence in spades. Leos like to dress well, and they have a natural flair that helps them stand out in the crowd. Boring blues? Naah, we'll take the brightest colour you got (and pull it off too!). We're loving this casual shirt from Fancy Pastels in comfy cotton.

    Price: 1488

    For Him/Her: Leo Notebook

    Leos are creative folks always brimming with thoughts. This book with the Leo symbol as its cover is the perfect gift for the Leo guy in your life. It always comes with a tongue in cheek caption that says "Your ego is bigger than your entire body"  

    Price: INR 199

    For Him: Hair Care Kit

    What's a lion without his mane, right? Go ahead and give the Leo man in your life yet another reason to celebrate his style and his hair (we're pretty sure he's rather proud of it, too!) with this Hair Care Bundle from Spruce Shave Club.

    For Her: Gold Heels

    Oh what's life without a bit of sparkle and glitter? And there's really no better way to make a statement than with this pair of  heels from Maia. We're crushing on this gorgeous pair and we think your Leo bestie or partner will too!

    Price: INR 999