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It's All About Balance & Beauty: Here's What To Get The Libra In Your Life


    I've known a few Libras in my life. Closest one? My grandmom. And if you've got one in your life too, you know exactly how wonderful (and occasionally infuriating) they can be. Typically, Libras love keeping the peace. They're fair-minded and hate injustice if they spot it. They are all about harmony and they tend to dream big and look at the world in a big-picture way. They can be pretty brainy too and value intelligence in themselves and in others. They also have a true appreciation for beauty and art which makes it easy to find gifts for them. Sounds pretty great, right? So we're sure you're gonna wanna show them some TLC - they're pretty good at giving it so it's only fair they get some back, right?

    Why Be Messy When You Can Be Organised

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    Libra's are notorious for being organised - they love to keep a neat and tidy home and workspace and to make sure that to-do list is up to date. If you know a Libra or two you know they've got planners, diaries, whiteboards, lists and post-its, probably colour-coded, to chart out their dreams and ideas. To help them stay organised, check out this list or head on over to Shop LBB and get them this set of adorable notebooks from IMI Studios or this cool journal from The Design Atelier or this daily planner from Mad Fat Monkey.

    Because Art And Beauty Matter


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    Libras are ruled by Venus, which means they have a natural love for beautiful things. If you've got a Libra friend, you know that their home is likely to be organised and beautiful. Go ahead and gift them a gorgeous lamp from Studio Indigene or these gorgeous shell-shaped cushion from Amoliconcepts or these beautiful planters from 1BHK.

    Being Shy? What's That About?

    Libras are social and well they love to stay in the loop about who is doing what, where, when and how! They flourish best in one-on-one relationships and they are great listeners, too. Sometimes they can be known to gossip, so you might have to watch which beans you spill around your Libra bestie! Libras love spending time with friends and make for wonderful hosts, too. Go ahead and gift them this beautiful statement plate from Bohemian Homes or this serving tray from August Collectives. We also love these beautiful bowls from Ta.Da.

    Got Lots Of Love To Give, And I'll Show Myself Some Too


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    Libras are known to be loving by nature but it's equally important that they shower themselves with some love and TLC too. If you've got a Libra friend, you know that they love being pampered as well. This lovely gift set from Nyassa has 6 different products to pamper you with its wonderful scent, while the try-before-I-buy Libra will like this set of travel minis from Ambika. If you want to gift them a hamper, check out Souled Crafts and Mint Green Studios.

    Brainy? You Bet!


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    Libras are pretty brainy folks and many Libras enjoy reading as a pastime. If you've got a Libra friend, here's a list to make buying them a book a little easier. If you don't want to gift them a book, then why not get them a set of bookends instead, these ones from ConciousCo are great and I absolutely love this set of magnetic bookmarks from Seedhi Jalebi