Earn Your Stripes: Become The Favourite Aunt Or Uncle With This Gifting Guide


    Nieces and nephews. The apple of our eyes and adorable brats. If you're looking to earn your stripes as the most favoured aunt or uncle in their lives, then read on. We've got a few ideas on how to make that happen, and well, a well-timed gift or two never hurt.

    Birchwood Barnyard Animals

    Birchwood Barnyard Animals


    Old Mac Donald takes on a whole new meaning with these eco-friendly Birchwood, handcrafted wooden animals from Bombay Toy Company. We're pretty sure your niece or nephew will have a blast playing with their new barnyard animals. The set of 11 includes Cat, Dog, Sheep, Hen, Duck, Rabbit, Horse, Cow, Pig, Goat and Tortoise.

    Snail Cushion Or Bumper

    Cushion/Bumper - Snail


    This one's one the kiddo can grow with. We all have that one favourite blanket or cushion right? We think this adorable snail toy and cushion will be just that for your niece or nephew!

    Hopper The Bunny

    Rumi Crochet Collection - Hopper The Bunny


    Raggedy ears and almost threadbare sound familiar? That's what happens to our favourite soft toys. And this crochet bunny is handmade and comes in a number of different colours, ready to be loved.

    TeePee Tent

    Tee Pee Tent


    Adventure beckons, and isn't that just what any kid really wants? Some adventure in their lives? So if you're all set to be Robinson Crusoe or maybe Pocahontas with the tinies, go on and get them this super fun teepee tent.

    3D Unicorn Pencil Pouch

    3D Unicorn Pencil Pouch


    Not all kids like to go adventuring. Some prefer to do more artsy activities like drawing or colouring. If that's the case, then why not get your favourite niece or nephew this cute unicorn pouch for their drawing materials?

    Macrame Pastel Rainbow

    Macrame Pastel Rainbow


    We love, love this bright and colourful macrame pastel rainbow. Hang it in a kids room to instantly brighten up the space. Any kid into all things bright and beautiful will love this one. 

    Transport Shaped Glycerine Soaps

    Transport Shaped Glycerine Soaps


    Does your nephew or niece love all things cars but hates bathtime like most kids? This may be a great combo of a useful gift for the kiddo and he or her mum! We're pretty sure they'll thank you for making bath time more bearable.

    3D Racing Car Pencil Case

    3D Racing Car Pencil Case


    This pencil case is sure to be a fun addition to your car-mad nephew or nieces collection. This way, they'll be able to keep all their pencils handy and also show off their cool new pencil case to their buddies.