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Give Your Feet Some Love With These Handcrafted Shoes From Tantrum

    What Makes It Awesome

    Who doesn't love a pair of killer shoes? (not the used as a weapon kind, the good kind)? And we've stumbled upon an online brand that we'd love to share with you. It's called Tantrum, and here's the lowdown. 

    If you love ballet shoes, you'll find plenty of pretty options to choose from. This is their specialty and boy do they have a nice selection. For all of you who love bows, lace, and bling, you've gotta check them out for sure. We love that the shoes are versatile and can be paired with a flirty dress or even a pair of no-nonsense denims, because sometimes we've just got to be practical, right? We love that the shoes are handcrafted and best of all, start at an affordable INR 1,000 and sizes range from EUR 35 - 41.

    So, next time you're looking for a new brand to support, plus locally-made designs and products, check out Tantrum!

    What Could Be Better

    As the shoes are handcrafted, the designs are somewhat limited as are the sizes, if you are below or above average foot size you may have some trouble finding your fit here.


    We suggest you drop them an email at