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Outdoor Living With All Of The Amenities You'd Need For A Luxe Retreat

    What Makes It Awesome

    We love the idea of escaping the city for a break, but we don't always want to give up on all the creature comforts that come along with city living. If you prefer a bit of pampering on your vacays, then check out Glam Everest. 

    Glamp Everest is a company that organises glamping getaways near Mumbai. The camp sites are beautifully appointed like their lake-side camping site near Pawana Dam. Each tent comes complete with a comfortable bed, plenty of cushions, throws and mood lighting. Add to this a stellar view of the lake when you open your eyes in the morning. Hard to find a more romantic weekend getaway that combines both nature and the perks of a luxury retreat. Bonfires, dinners under the stars and live music all combine to create an atmosphere that's geared for a relaxing time away from all the chaos of the city.

    The company is run by Run by Anju Mishra and Ashutosh Singh and what's great about the service is that they also curate bespoke getaway experiences for birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions and more. 


    We suggest you get in touch if you're looking to experience a glamorous camping experience that's tailor-made for you and your bae.