This Place Is The Gateway For A Luxurious Buffet

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What Makes It Awesome?

A buffet setup is too common these days with people losing interest over unlimited food in the pretext of less cost. The thing that differentiates Global fusion is the quality, service, items served and the quality maintained over each and every dish that reaches your table.

Something which is important to know before you actually visit this place is that you have a buffet set up with a fine dining experience, amazing decor, open kitchen and order to make. One can actually go around the place, take chits (which are placed near every dish sample) and hand it over to the service personnel who delivers the dish at your place with the quantity of your choice freshly made. Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Dimsums are placed on the wheel and moved around the place and one can choose whatever he or she wants to out of the lot that is prepared. You have a fresh sushi counter actively preparing sushi. You have an eggless dessert counter which would make you forget the best of the desserts you have had with exhaustive variants being offered and then you have the main course which I really don't prefer to have much of in a buffet setup. All this for 1,600 bucks. Some of the notable preparations I came across and worth highlighting:-

The Corn duos of Corn cream and Crispy corn, both of which go hand in hand with the Drinks especially the crispy corn which is fried and sauteed with decent spice as to actually make it more influential on your palate. Highly recommended. You can have it again and again and you won't get bored of it.

The potato duos of Aloo panchporan and spicy baby potato:- The panchporan didn't have the grated ginger neither it tasted like 5 spice potato. A let down to say the least. The smaller brother makes up for this with a perfect dish for the Indian palate. The spice was real and good. The latter is Recommended!

The maki family of sushi:- Avacado, Bakchoy, Jalapeno, Guava were few amongst the large section of sushi served at this place with the sauces and required traditional topping. Presentation wise the Jalapeno is a killer one and the first to surely grab your attention, though it can't match the taste of the Guava maki which was the best of the day, The rest were good as well but nothing beats this beast.

Dimsums that is as authentic as it could be:- The broccoli cheese was a bit tad bland with less of oil and salt, though the water chestnut is totally out of the world (in bad taste). What saves this family is the mixed vegetables with its good mixture of taste. Try it if you are ready to try it.

The main course had its fair share of goodness with the sticky rice which is surely a highlight and also the mix of vegetables. I didn't have much capacity left to hog all those offered so I tasted a few.

The dessert section is blooming with flavours from America, swiss and locally curated Indian desserts putting you into a dilemma as to taste what and to drop which out of your list. I can't commit a sin by dropping any of those so I saved some extra space to gobble up these tiny pieces of exquisite preparations. The swiss cake was mindblowing and so were the red velvet cake and what better way to end it by a mango shot followed by a shot of coffee.

A piece of bed would have been a good motivation for me to stay back at Atria for that moment at least.

What Could Be Better?

The veg section of dimsums.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae